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It doesn't count if you got hit in the face when you were just standing and wasn't tryng to Dodge, but if you tried to dodge, then it count.

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โˆ™ 2012-05-02 22:36:21
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Q: What to do when you get hit in the face with a dodge ball?
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Is dodge ball good for you?

yes it is, unless you get hit in the face and go blind.

Why is dodge ball dangerous?

Dodge ball can be dangerous. It is not that wimps think it's dangerous but if you think about it than it can be because people can get hit in the head and face. You could break noses but the chance of that is pretty slim.

What are facts about dodge ball?

1. I you get hit then your out.

Why people hate dodge ball?

Some people hate dodge ball because they don't like getting hurt. As alot of people know in dodge ball balls are thrown and it hurts if you cant dodge it. The point of dodge ball is to dodge the ball but some people can't do that which means they end up getting hit by the ball. Getting hit by a ball hurts.

What is a brief description of how to play dodge ball?

Hit people with a ball and don't get hit by a ball. If you get hit your out. If you catch a ball you aren't out and the person who threw it is.

Why is dodgeball called dodgeball?

because in the game you have to dodge ball so not get hit and that is why it is called dodge ball :).

What is the best technique for playing dodge ball?

Don't get hit. OR Dip, Dodge, Dive, Duck and Dodge/

How do you play dodgeball well?

dodge from the ball and aim it at the person you want to hit the ball

What is the penalty in dodge ball if you get hit in the head with a ball?

theres no penalty, you just look stupid

What is the greatest dodge ball strategy?

dont get hit, its not as simple as it sounds

What is the purpose of dodge ball?

To dodge numerous balls flying at your face. Can also be used as a technique to sharpen awareness and reflexes.

What is the meaning of getting beaned in baseball?

To hit someone in the face with the ball when you try to have them hit it. The pitcher pitches and the ball hits the batter.

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