Is soccer easy to play

Updated: 8/17/2019
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It depends if you train really hard yes.

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Q: Is soccer easy to play
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How play in soccer?

It's easy

Is soccer hard?

soccer is challenging at the beginning but it get easy if you try hard and play hard

Is soccer easy and can you get hurt in it?

Soccer can be easy but there are some parts that are hard. In soccer you can get into higher leagues. I play soccer myself and its easy for me because I've been playing for a while. You can get hurt in soccer but sometimes they will call a foul and you will get a free kick. Sometimes the refs don't see everything.

Why is soccer the most popular sport in the world?

Because it's easy to play. And fun.

How do you relieves stress play soccer?

Playing soccer can be a stress reliever because it is an easy sport to get anger out. Also soccer is a complicated game to take your mind off things.

Why did Ochoa play soccer?

he wants to play soccer because he likes to play soccer.

How easy is soccer?

Soccer is very easy the only thing you have to look out for are the different postions

How do you register an agency in soccer?

play soccer and be scouted play soccer and be scouted

Do israelis play soccer?

Yes, Israelis play soccer. Children play soccer in the streets as well.

Did Michael Jackson play soccer?

No he did not play soccer.

Do Women Play Soccer?

Yes.Women do play Soccer.

Which sport do you play mostly?

I play soccer