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because it gets kicked hard

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Q: Why does the soccer ball go so fast?
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How do professional soccer players kick the ball so fast?


Why did the ball design change every year for soccer?

So that people go out and buy the new soccer ball every year.

Kick a soccer ball?

It is easy to kick a soccer ball. For a beginner you should use the inside of your dominant foot. You then take your other foot (the one you won't be kicking with) and put it next to the ball so that it points in the direction you want the ball to go. Finally you strike the ball depending on how hard and high you want it to go. It may take practice so don't get upset if your not an expert right away

What is the term for hitting a tennis ball hard?

i think so it can go fast

When a soccer ball is kicked which accelerates faster the soccer ball or the foot?

The two will relatively travel the same speed, although the soccer ball may travel slightly faster do to its weight and size. So therefore the soccer ball will accelerate faster.

How did Cristiano get so good at soccer?

because when he was younger he only had a soccer ball so everyday he played soccer for the rest of his life.

To become a pro soccer player do you have to go to college?

It is better and then you can have something else to do other than soccer. But it would be better so you could play college ball.

What is the function of the soccer ball?

The function of a soccer ball is an instrument to be used in the sport of soccer. The purpose is for it to be round so it won't stop rolling also.

Does a soccer ball travel better on grass or turf?

A soccer ball travels much faster on turf than on grass, because it doesnt have anything to hold it back. It is usually easier to play on good grass because the ball doesnt travel as fast, and therefore isn't so hard to keep up with. Neither. Soccer balls travel best in or around water/lava

How much does it cost to make one soccer ball a football in European football?

A soccer ball is the same thing as a football in Europe. So it's free if you have a soccer ball because it already is a European football.

What happens if you kick a soccer ball?

The soccer ball will move in the direction of the force applied to it. If it was not kicked squarely, so that the kick imparted a spin on the ball, then its path will curve in the air.

Where did the soccer ball appear?

soccer in 1906 was played with a pigs bladder, but it bread disease, so they decided it would be safer to play with a mud dried ball, and in 1923 switched to a ball with a plastic ball.

Your boyfriend is a soccer playerany ideas on a cute way to ask him to formal using soccer balls?

Your should bake him a cake in the shape of a soccer ball saying, 'Will you go to formal with me!?' and then go play soccer with him after. Even if your not that good, and eve if you don't like soccer, if you like him than you will do what he likes! Do bad on purpose, so he will help you! GOOD LUCK! :]

What do center do in soccer?

A center in soccer [midfield]does defends and attacks so your need to be fast.

How and why did the use of a soccer ball in basketball games evolve to the modern basketball?

Because they didnt have a basketball designed yet so they used a soccer ball.

Can you still dance with the ball with a green soccer jersey on club penguin?

No. See, You dance to KICK the soccer ball. Not to DANCE. But can you??? I don't think so.

Importance of the earth crust?

Because the earths head is a round ball that makes it a soccer ball and the top of the soccer ball is where we live,, Also Erin is so AWESOME!

What happens if a bystander walks onto the field in a middle of a soccer game and picks up the soccer ball?

The referee will stop the game and chastize the person for being so stupid, but the person would most likely get trampled first. Why would that person want to do that, anyway? it would be an accomplishment to even touch the ball, 'cause everything is moving so fast.

What is the definition of juggling a soccer ball?

'Juggling of a soccer ball' is the action of striking a soccer ball multiple times, whether by a singel person or by a pair or group, in what would be considered a legal fashion when done during a soccer game, so that it remains in the air or balanced on a person themselves.

Which came first the rugby ball or soccer ball?

The soccer ball. Rugby originated when, in a game of soccer William Webb-Ellis picked up the football and started to run with it, players chased him and the crowd loved it and so it started. Thank you William.

Why is football called soccer in Poland?

because it is a sport you play with a ball but use your feet so instead they call soccer foot ball because you obviously use your feet to kick the ball.

How does math and science relate to soccer?

You probally have to use math in soccer to find out the angle that you kick the ball to the net so that the goalie doesn't catch the ball. I don't know why we use science in soccer.

How does the pressure inside a soccer ball affect the distance the soccer ball travels after the ball is kicked?

A soccer ball that is hard has less 'room' in it for the gas to compress so it springs back with vigor. A softer or mushy ball will tend to just go oomph, compress much more and spring back softly. Assuming you kick 2 balls exactly the same way, since the harder ball bounces right back to shape, it will go further. It's like dropping a ping pong ball and a marshmallow. The ping pong ball will bounce much higher.

How does momentum apply to soccer?

Momentum applies to soccer when you kick the soccer ball down the field so it speeds up and goes faster.

What does a ball girl do in soccer?

A ball girl in soccer would get the ball when it goes out of bounds and will give it to either the coach - referee and/or put it by the goal post out of bounds so that when a ball goes out again the goalie can just grab the ball that is by the post.