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Pass, set, and spike

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Q: What three main hits are used to get the ball over the net in volleyball?
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What 3 main hits are used to get the ball over the net in volleyball?

You can use your palm, wrist, or both hands to hit the ball.

What are the 3 main hits used to get the ball over the net in volleyball?

Bumping. Setting. And spiking. #Fowler out.

What three main hits are used to get the volleyball over the net?

smash a bump and a volley

How can you be a libero in volleyball?

A libero is a defense specialist in volleyball and their main job is to pass the volleyballs and pick up hits in the back row. To be a libero, you would need to be defensive, and accurate passer and willing to dive for the ball.

What is the main objective of volleyball?

To win...haha. Uhm..the real objective is to, personally, get three hits (bump, set, spike) on our side, and then get a point and hopefully win :)

What are the four main positions in volleyball?

There is only three. Setter, Middle and Power

What is the main idea of volleyball?

The basic idea of volleyball is to keep a volley going, i.e. not letting the ball touch the ground or bounce and the rules are much like in tennis.

How do you playe the volleyball?

There are multiple ways in which you can play a volleyball but here are the main three ways.Bump- Used usually on the first hit ( EX serve receive) This ball is played up to the setter. The ball makes contact on your forearms. Your hands are together.Set- This is usually played on the second of your three hits. This ball may vary in height and direction due to the different hitting positions. This ball is then hit my one of your teams hitters.Spike-The third hit on your side of the net. You make contact with one hand and your goal is to hit it over the net and there be dropped for a point for your team. An approach usually leads your hit with the standard left, right, left approach.

What is the objective in playing volleyball?

The objective to playing volleyball is of course win but the main things you would want to do in volleyball is to volley the ball across the net and to bump, set and spike(in that exact order) so the team opposite of you can't hit it back.

What are the rules to beach volleyball?

Well the main rules are: You cannot take more than two touches whilst the ball is on your side of the net. You cannot take two touches in a row You cannot touch the net If the ball hits the floor, which ever side it hits it is the other side's point e.g Ball hits the floor on team A's side, therefore team B get the point Objectives: To get the ball over the other side of the net and to hit the floor the other side to score points! Hope I helped!

Main types of serves in volleyball?

There are three main types of volleyball serves. There is the underhand serve, the overhand serve, and the jump serve. Within these three serves, there are more specific serves, such as the floater serve, the topspin serve, the jump float serve, and the jump topspin serve.

What are the volleyball defense rules?

Here are the main rules and regulations for The game of Volley ball: Number one: Once the ball is served, [ If it goes over the net, and doesn't go out of bounds,the returning team gets three hits, either bump, set or spike.No one player can hit the ball twice IN A ROW. However, it can be hit by one player, hit by another player, than the first player again. Number two: About serving If the serve does not go over, it is out. Even if it does go over, if it goes out of bounds it is still out. If you do not serve a proper serve it is out. Number three: About hitting. If you do not bump, set or spike it is an improper hit and is out. If someone on your team hits it into the net, if it is not a serve, you can help it over the net. If someone hits the ball out of bounds on a hit, not a serve, it is still playable, so do go get it. I really hope this helps. I really love volleyball, and i have been playing it since, like forever. it is a really fun sport.