What team is most relegated in English premiership?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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West bromwich

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Q: What team is most relegated in English premiership?
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Which current Premiership team has been relegated the most?

I think it is West Brom Albion as it is called the yoyo club.

Which two eanglish teams have never been relegated?

Wigan is the only team in the premiership that has never been relegated.

Which team in the English Premiership League has never been relegated?

ARSENAL Although Woolwich Arsenal were relegated, in 1913. It then becomes an issue for pedants to fight over whether Woolwich Arsenal's relegation means "Arsenal" have been relegated or not!

What is the average points which a premiership team would be relegated?

Roughly 20 points

Which premiership team has the most English players?


Most relagated team from premiership?

West brom but the teams that will get relegated in 2011 will be west ham wolves and sadly blackpool

Which English football team has been relegated the most times?


Who has the most English players in the there team in the premiership?

Manchester United

What team are the most relegated team in English Football?

Manchester united and Liverpool

Which English football team that is not in the premiership has won the most league titles?


Most profitable sports team?

Manchester City, they are a English soccer team who play in the Barclays Premiership.

When a team in soccer is relegated can they go back to the premiership?

Yes, if in the following year they are the champions or runners-up in their league.