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Roughly 20 points

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Q: What is the average points which a premiership team would be relegated?
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Are there any teams in the English Premiership League that have never been relegated?

If I am not wrong, Everton F. C. are the only ones to have never been relegated. Tottenham Hotspurs were never relegated from the Premiership League they never been in the bottom Three and top Four ARSENAL ALSO HAVE NEVER BEEN RELEGATED FROM ENGLANDS TOP FLIGHT. You're wrong about all of those 3. Everton and Arsenal have both, indeed, been relegated from England's to flight (Arsenal (as Woolwich Arsenal) in 1913, Everton in 1930 and again in 1951. It would be ridiculous to claim that Woolwich Arsenal and Arsenal weren't the same club. Tottenham fniished in the top 4 of the Premiership, er, last year.

How can teams gain points in the English premiership league?

There are only two ways in which teams can gain points in the English Premiership League.- One way is by Winning a match, every win gives a team Three Points. Therefore Five Wins from a club would result in Fifteen Points.- The other way is by Drawing a match, every draw gives a team One Point, Therefore Five Draws would result in Five Points.- Every loss, results in no points being won.

What is the average salary of a professional soccer player?

In England a premiership player would on average (in 2006) get £676,000 per year (plus bonuses e.g appearance, goals etc.)

If footy teams have same points and same goal difference who is relegated. Do away or home goals come into the calculation?

If they can not be separated by goal difference, they would go by head to head record.

What is the average amount of injury time played in premiership football matches?

Roughly the amount of injury time played would be two minutes.

Which Premiership team have conceded the least amount of penalties at home since the beginning of the Premiership?

That team would be Arsenal.

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x-5. x= Average. So, if the average is 80, you would subract 5, and the answer would be 75. :)

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i would say 20-30 points are expected

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How much money do you get if you win the premiership?

you would get about 4.9 million

How much would a league 2 football get paid?

In 2006 the average salary was £49,600 according to a survey by the Independent:

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