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Q: What team has won more regular season games than any other pro team in any sport?
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What team won the most regular season games in any other pro sport?


Which baseball team has won more regular season games than any other pro team in any sport?

Through the 2011 regular season, the Giants have won 10,522 and the Cubs have won 10,311.

How many games can you loose and you are out for season?

it depends on what sport

What school has the most regular season Big ten Championships. In what sport?


Is bicycling a sport?

Yes it is, and an Olympic Games regular as well.

How was the number of games in a regular season for professional sports determined?

The exact number of games for each particular sport in the course of the year could vary based on different reasons like travel time visiting other teams, play-off format, and most important stress on the body, and the weather the sport is played in. For example baseball is a warm weather sport, and is played during the warmer months. Hockey originally an outdoor cold weather sport is played during the winter months. What "season" the sport is played in.The amount of stress caused on the body of the athletes for each particular sport is also a major factor in scheduling, and effects the amount of games that can be played in a season. Baseball for example can be played on a more regular basis because it is less taxing on the body. Baseball teams typically have one or two days off a week for rest and travel time to other parks. Football is more punishing to the body and requires a weeks rest between games to recover.Basketball is an indoor sport, and the "season" played is not as important as stress on the body, and competition with other sports for a fan base.

What US sport has the longest season in terms of the number of games played?

baseball 162 games and playoffs

What sport do australian olympics people play?

They play regular games like soccer and baseball.

What sport has the highest percentage of home wins?

It's really not possible to say, since each sport plays a different amount of games during their respective season (from 8 home games in the NFL to 81 home games in MLB).

What positions are there in soccer that aren't in other games?

No position in soccer is unique to that sport.

Can mahjongg be considered as a sport?

No, it could not be considered a sport, just like chess, checkers, and a variety of other board games could never be viewed as a sport.

Is American football a year round sport?

No. American football is seasonal. It begins in July-August with training camp, then the teams will play four pre-season games, followed by a 16 game regular season. The playoffs start in January, ending with the Super Bowl being played during the first week in February.

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