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Q: What team does Michael Jordan play on now?
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Michael Jordan now plays basketball on what team?

Michael Jordan does not currently play, as he is the owner of the Charlotte Bobcats. He does play golf as a hobby on his spare time, but he does not play professionally in any sport.

What basketball team does Michael Jordan play for now?

none, he retired for the third time in '02

Did Michael Jordan play for the Washington bullets?

The Washington Bullets is now known as the Washington Wizards. Michael Jordan played with the team while it was known as the Bullets from 2001 to 2003.

Who does michael jordan play for now?


Does Michael jeffrey Jordan own a basketball team now?

yes he does the Charlotte bobcats

What does Michael Jordan do now after leaving the NBA?

Michael Jordan has many business deals and also is part owner of the Charlotte Bobcats NBA team and also plays golf.

What team does Michael Oher the football player play for now?

A of right now he is with the ravens.

Where does Micheal jordon play sports now?

Michael Jordan is no longer a professional sportsman. He plays golf as recreation, and owns a portion of the NBA basketball team known as the Charlotte Bobcats. michael jordon is an astronaut

Michael Jordan returning to nba?

No Michel Jordan will not return to play Basketball for The Bulls as he now owns Washington Wizards and he is old.

What team does Michael ballack play for now?

bayer leverkeusen.

Where does Michael Jordan live now?

Michael Jordan lives in Charlotte, NC.

How good was Michael Jordan at basketball?

Michael Jordan was the best of the best and out of 10 he was an 11 and he is now retred but he OS still the best in the world according to slam magazines top 50 players that have or do play nba

Who is older Michael Jackson or Michael Jordan?

Michael Jackson was born in 1958, and Michael Jordan was born in 1963. So Michael Jackson was older than Michael Jordan. However, Michael Jordan is now older than Michael Jackson lived to be.

How did Michael Jordan feel being cut from the high school basketball team?

dissapointed but he never gave up and now look at him

What team did Michael Oher play after the New England Patriots?

He's on the ravens now

How old is Michael Michael Jordan right now?


How long is Michael Jordan's wingspan?

I believe that Michael Jordan is Human, not a bird

What is Michael Jordan doing now?

Michael Jordan is know working for Hanes and is a part owner of the Charlotte Bobcats.

Is Michael Jordan a que?

is Michael Jordan a que?, yes and no. Jordan was once a que dog at one time. but now he is a OMEGA PSI PHI.

What team is Micheal Jordan playing in now?

No team

Where did Michael Jordan meet Juanita Jordan?

What is Juanita Jordon doing now

What does Michael Jordan do now?

underwear commercials

What is Michael Jordan's profession?

I don't now

Where does michael jordan work now?

Well now he is doing shoes

What will Michael Jordan do now?

Make new Jordans