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The Wizards

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Q: What basketball team was Michael Jordan cut from?
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Which famous basketball player was cut from his high school basketball team?

Michael Jordan.

Did Michael Jordan ever get cut from a basketball team?

Yes. He was cut from the varsity basketball team at Emsley A. Laney High School as a sophomore.

Did Michael Jordan get cut from his 9th grade basketball team?

im 95% NO

What year did Michael Jordan cut class to play basketball?


How did Michael Jordan feel being cut from the high school basketball team?

dissapointed but he never gave up and now look at him

What was the name of the team that cut Michael Jordan?

Chicago Bulls

What top athletes were cut from their high school team?

michael jordan

When was Michael Jordan cut from his high school team?

surprisingly but yes

Was Michael Jordan cut in high school because of his size?

yep, but then he became the best at basketball in the world.

Did Michael Jordan get cut from his freshman team?

yes but the rest of highschool he played on varsity

Are there other pro athletes like Michael Jordan who were cut from high school team?

John Wall

What years did Michael Jordan take pay and salary cuts for his team?

Michael Jordan never took a pay cut, though in 1997 it was suggested he take a payout in order to keep him and the all star team together. This was in 1997 that they were speculating, however, due to the contract Michael had signed, there was no way for Michael to take the cut even if he wanted to.

What famous NBA star was cut from his high school team?

Michael Jordan, Paul Pierce, and Carl Landry

Why did Michael Jordan get cut from his high school basketball team?

He was cut because he wasn't good enough to be on the team. This made him angry though and he worked extremely hard on it and he was able to play in college. He was arguably the most competitive player in the NBA (He wouldn't have been if Len Bias played!)

How many points did Michael Jordan average his freshman year?

He was cut from the high school team for being to small and raw

Why did Michael Jordan get cut if he could dunk?


What are facts from Michael Jordan's early life?

When michael jordan was a freshman he was cut from his team because he wasnt good enough then he started to play in the off season to get better and better.That is what all young bball players should do.

What year in high school did Michael Jordan get cut?


Did Michael Jordan get his toe cut of?

Yes, he did; part of it, at least.

Why does Danny want to quit basketball in the book basketball?

He got cut from a team

Did Michael Jordan ever get hurt or brek any bones?

Yees He Brokee His Leq He Waas Cut Of The Basketball Gqame Witch Caused Himm To Mizz 64 Gqames D;

What is placed on waivers in basketball?

That means the team has released or 'cut' the player.

How much hours did Michael Jordan practice daily?

Michael Jordan started practicing basketball since when he was about 7. He practice more and more. MJ got cut from his high school team but work as hard he can averaging about 6 hours a day to improve his skills. He later made the team again and become the best player on court. Got into college ball and later become a successful professional basketball player. Now he retired, got into CHI Bulls Hall of Fame and still known for his Amazing dunks and 6 championship rings.

Which NBA players were cut in high school?

Michael Jordan was cut in High School. He credits that event as his motivation to be the best that he can be.

When did Michal Jordan first play basketball?

Michael Jordan was born in February of 1963, so the best guess for when he actually first played basketball would probably be 1966 or 67 as a toddler. He began playing competitively in middle school, but was cut from his varsity basketball team when he was a sophomore in High School, which many say spawned his lengendary competive attitude. After that, he attended the University of North Carolina and after being drafted number 3 in the 1984 NBA draft, he began playing for the Chicago Bulls in the 1984-1985 season.