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No he's retired

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Q: Is Michael Jordan currently playing basketball on a basketball team?
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Related questions

Were does Michael Jordan's play basketball?

Michael Jordan currently doesn't play basketball due to the fact that he is retired.

How long was Michael Jordan playing basketball?

Michael Jordan Started Playing in 1984.

Who is the best basketball player that is still playing r has retired?

The best basketball player that is playing currently is without a doubt, Lebron James. The best retired basketball player is Michael Jordan.

What was Michael Jordan known for?

playing basketball

Who fired Michael Jordan?

No one fired Michael Jordan. He retired from playing basketball in the year 1998.

What is Michael Jordan's occupation?

Michael Jordan's occupation was a professional basketball player. He is most famous for playing on the Chicago Bulls. Michael Jordan is considered one of the best basketball players of all time.

What is Michael Jordan currently doing?

As of 2014 Michael Jordan is the chairman as well as the owner of the Hornet basketball team. Jordan is a former NBA player.

When did Michael Jordan finish playing basketball?


What connection does Michael Jordan currently have to basketball?

He owns the charlotte bobcats.

Where is Michael Jordan today?

Michael Jordan is currently a part-owner and Managing Member of Basketball Operations of the Charlotte Bobcats in the NBA.

When did Michael Jordan stop playing basketball?

Michael Jordan's final game in the NBA was April 16, 2003.

Michael jeffrey Jordan s biografy?

Jeffrey Michael Jordan is the son of Michael Jordan. He was born in 1988, and played basketball and the high school and college level. He currently works for Nike.

Where did Michael Jordan first play basketball?

He first started playing basketball when he was in North Carolina

How was Michael Jordan's childhood?

Michael jordan had a sad childhood when his father pased awat he stareted playing basketball be for he played basebal.

How old was Michael Jordan when he started playing basketball in a team?


How long has Michael Jordan been playing basketball?

none of your business.

What year did Michael Jordan he start playing basketball?

Late 1980s

Is Michael Jordan's son playing basketball?

University of central Florida

How was old is Michael Jordan whene he was playing basketball?

he was 34 stupid

What inspired Michael Jordan to play basketball?

Basketball great, Michael Jordan credits his inspiration for playing basketball to his older brother Larry. He was also inspired by his father, with whom he was extremely close, as they both shared a lifelong love of basketball.

When did Michael Jordan start playing basket ball?

Michael Jordan began playing basketball in high school. He then went on to play for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

How much did Michael Jordan make playing baseball?

Micheal Jordan make 0 dollars for playing baseball because he plays basketball

When did Michael Jordan start playing basketball?

im sher he started in 1973

What is Michael Jordan remembered for?

for playing basketball

How many years was Michael Jordan in the playing pro basketball?

15 seasons