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the packers then vikings

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Q: What team did Darren sharper play on before the saints?
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What New Orleans Saints player used to play for the Minnesota Vikings?

Darren Sharper

Who did Darren sparloes play for before the New Orleans Saints?

San Diego Chargers

What NFL team will Darren Sharper play for in the 2011-2012 year?

He retired

What current team does Darren Sharper play for?

At the moment, he isn't currently signed to any team.

When did Darren Sharper retire from th NFL?

Darren Sharper officially retired in November 2011. However, he did not play a game during the 2011 season after not joining a team following the 2010 season. He suffered multiple injuries during 2010 causing him to miss a lot of the 2010 season as well.

Who is the best player on the New Orleans Saints?

Drew Brees. Some say Drew Brees, some say Darren Sharper, and others say there is no best player since they play as a whole and bring each other up to play their very best football. I agree with the last part. According to my own opinion, Pierre Thomas is currently saints best player.

Who did Reggie bush play for before the saints?

Before he played for the saints, he didn't play for the NFL. He played for USC (college).

Where did the saints play before the superdome was built?

Before the superdome was built, the saints played at the Tulane Stadium.

Is a gyro sharper or a straight cable?

A straight cable will be sharper, have less play in the system.

Why did the NY Giants retain possession after the New Orleans interception by Darren Sharper I know there was a personal foul but it was after the ball left the quarterbacks hands?

The penalty was for roughing the passer and occurred while the ball was in the air. Therefore, the Giants still had possession of the ball since Sharper had not yet intercepted the pass. Because the Giants had possession when the penalty was committed, they kept possession regardless of the outcome of the play, which was a 70 yard return for a TD. Had there been a penalty after the interception, the Saints would have gotten possession of the ball.

Have the New Orleans Saints won Super Bowl?

The New Orleans Saints have to play the NFC playoff against the Vikings before they can make it to the Super Bowl and before that can be determined.

Who did Drew Brees play for before the New Orleans Saints?

The San Diego Chargers

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