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Many would say that Drew Brees is the best because he is the most popular of the Saints team. The Saints offense and defense operates the best whenever there are no star players. They all keep their own slack and play the best they can. Many of the top players of the Saints are injured, such as Reggie Bush, Pierre Thomas, and much of the defense. Chris Ivory has stepped up to the plate and ran as well as he can.

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Drew Brees.

Some say Drew Brees, some say Darren Sharper, and others say there is no best player since they play as a whole and bring each other up to play their very best football. I agree with the last part. According to my own opinion, Pierre Thomas is currently saints best player.

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Darren Sproles

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drew breed

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Q: Who is the fastest New Orleans Saints player?
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As of October 25, 2016, John Jenkins is the heaviest player on the New Orleans Saints at 359 pounds. This answer came from the player roster found on the New Orleans Saints' website. I also verified that 359 pounds was correct by consulting Jenkins' player profile on the NFL's official website.

Who is New Orleans Saints highest paid player?

Drew Brees

What player gets paid the most for the New Orleans Saints?

drew brees get paid the most on the saints.

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The first player signed to a contract (January 27, 1967) by the New Orleans Saints was kicker Paige Cothren. Cothren hadn't played in the NFL since 1959 and did not play for the Saints.

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