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Russian Roulette I guess. Don't worry about your kids playing a sport. They're tough, and if they aren't, well that's Darwinism.

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What sport would parents worry about their children doing?

extreme sports: white-water rafting; and skiing, boxing, riding

Why need a sports coach?

if there were no sport coachs ,we would not be playing sports at all and nobody would no what sports is.

Do you do sports in a sports jacket?

I cannot think of an occasion that you would wear a sports jacket while playing sports. If you are cold you probably would wear a windbreaker or even a speedsuit like in skiing, but I have never heard of playing in a sports jacket.

What would stop people from playing sports?

Any deadly disease that someone has on a sports team that is spread through physical contact would surely stop people from playing sports. Other than that, sports are just too much fun.

Who are Chad Kroegers Parents?

Well... why do you care. They are not your parents so do not worry about it. They know who their parents are, so they do not need you to figure it out for them. If they wanted the whole world to know who their parents are they would tell everyone.

What is sport gear?

The equipment you would use while playing sports.

What would you need when playing certain sports?

If you were playing lacrosse (if you were a girl) you would need a mouth guard, a face guard, and a lacrosse stick. If you were playing volleyball, you would need knee pads.

Do you use do or play or go with different sports?

It would be play, as the sentence would read for example, 'Do you play different sports?','Pintsinker has played many different sports in his lifetime', or even 'Pintsinker is hopeless at playing different sports'.

Do I need sports insurance when I am playing basketball at the pro level?

I would suggest having insurance if you are playing professional basketball. Here's a site that will help you find the best insurance for you.

Why are sports valueable?

Because sports are so fun to play and if somebody important would start playing it a different way then everybody would start doing it that way! and that is why they are valueable!!

What are some common concerns among parents whose children are attending kindergarten for the 1st time?

Parents worry about a lot of things when leaving their kids at kindergarten for the 1st time. They worry how well they would be looked after, whether their kid will fit in, and how much they will learn.

How many sports should i play?

2 sports is enough. you don't want to overwhelm yourself with a gigantic schedule. but you can also play as many sports as you like. i would also ask your parents for help.

Where do people play an amateur match?

Amateur sports can be played in outdoor arenas, indoor arenas and at local sports clubs The benefits of playing amateur sports would be to gain skills and knowledge.

Does it help to chew gum while playing sports?

Yes because it gets your brain working but i would prefer that you dont do it in running sports because you will choke

When you are bored how do you stop being bored?

You can find or do something that does or would interest you. For example, going on the computer and playing online games, playing sports, playing video games etc.

What are some of the best sports to get my children involved in?

Most parents would say that having a child playing soccer is pretty universally beneficial. It is great exercise and a safe, competitive team sport that feels like a social, fun effort.

Is it good to shower then go play sports?

Well, I would play sports, THEN take a shower because you get all sweaty when you're playing sports. You wouldn't want to be clean, and get all smelly and dirty, and have ANOTHER shower again, would you? I sure wouldn't.

Did Athena play any sports?

Athena was a Greek goddess. She is the goddess of war, skills, strategy and wisdon...Why would she be playing sports. If you had the power to do whatever in the world you wanted, would you kick a ball on a field? I thought not.

What did the medieval king and queen do in spare time?

They would do things from playing sports, hunting or playing music. The court Jester was also another form of entertainment.

Who are the Detroit Lions playing on Thanksgiving?

The Detroit Lions are playing the New England patriots,, I would know I am a 11 year old little girl but a sports LOVER

If i have a six pack then stop working out and eat fat food would your six pack go away?

It depends how fast your metabolism is and if you keep playing sports, I have an 8 pack and eat fast food sometimes but I play lots of sports and work out, chances are if you stop playing sports or dont do physical activity it will go away but if you keep playing sports and do physical activity you can keep it, just dont eat fast food too often

How do you make your parents think you're sick?

Why would you want to make them worry and disrupt their schedules? Besides, being sick means going to the doctor-- what fun is that?

What are the skills needed in sport?

There are different skills involved in different sports but skills needed for all sports are: - Co Operation - Stamina However for indivdual sports such as running you would need speed or when playing basketball you would need speed, hand eye co ordination and other skills.

Why is playing sports heathy?

its healthy because it keeps your body active and helps keep fit and gives you energy such as lifting your arm. You need a strong body to get through everyday life. Without playing sports everyone would have just to jog everywhere but with sports, you could getting the excerise you need and also by you having fun!!

How use the word frustration in a sentence?

He groaned in frustration, seeing the 'C-' on his test; his parents would definitely disapprove of this and probably take him out of sports.