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extreme sports: white-water rafting; and skiing, boxing, riding

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Q: What sport would parents worry about their children doing?
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According to Gallinsky why do kids worry about working parents?

Many children worry that their parents are very stressed by work.

Do children worry?

They can worry, probably not as much as adults though. They might worry about their grades or maybe even a sport or a game. They can worry, the answer is yes, they do sometimes worry.yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Were the parents worried about their children during the holocaust?

Parents always worry about their children, if you put them in a more dangerous situation, then this worry is more likely to increase rather than disappear.

Why do parents worry so much?

Because they are your parents. It is their job to worry about you. They typically want to protect their children from harmful things, whatever they may be, because they care.

Whose quote says parents should only worry about their children's health?

In the Analects of Confucius, you can find the quote:A disciple asked the Master, 'What is the filial piety?'The Master said 'Parents only worry about their children's health.'

Why do parents have to be so mean?

Well they jus doing they job and look I got parents dont worry you will understand soon enough

What sports would parents worry about their kids playing?

Russian Roulette I guess. Don't worry about your kids playing a sport. They're tough, and if they aren't, well that's Darwinism.

What are the three best things about being a pediatrician?

interacting/teaching with/to children easing the pain and worry of parents saving lives of children

Name a sport that parents would worry about their child participating in?

Rugby because it is a rough sport and players are more likely to get injured.Boxing is too because the aim is to harm the opponent.

Why computers should replace teachers?

Type your answer here... parents won't have to worry about their children getting hit on

Name something children climb on that makes their parents worry?

trees, monkey bars, table/chairs, ladder

Should parents allow children to take part in extreme sports?

The extreme is to danger for the kids,so parents always worry about the children ,it's parents' duty to make their children be healthy,and in order to do this the parents always don't allow the kids to take part in extreme sports.As a child,you should understand your parents because of their love.

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