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Any deadly disease that someone has on a sports team that is spread through physical contact would surely stop people from playing sports. Other than that, sports are just too much fun.

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Q: What would stop people from playing sports?
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Can you play sports with hepatitis B?

People infected with hepatitis B can play sports. It is against the law for someone to stop a person with hepatitis B from playing a sport.

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People don't stop playing sports because there is a war on. They played sports for the same reasons they always did.

Do people stop playing extreme sports when accidents occur?

sometimes the person that is hurt does if its a real accident not just a scratch

How can you stop sexism in sports?

As a woman: play sports. Both: take more of an interest in women's sports or have fun playing sports with (other) women.

If i have a six pack then stop working out and eat fat food would your six pack go away?

It depends how fast your metabolism is and if you keep playing sports, I have an 8 pack and eat fast food sometimes but I play lots of sports and work out, chances are if you stop playing sports or dont do physical activity it will go away but if you keep playing sports and do physical activity you can keep it, just dont eat fast food too often

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How can you stop racism in sports?

Before we can stop racism in sports we must stop racism in society. As long as people are hateful towards those that are not like them in general society, there is no way to stop this in the sports world.

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When did men stop fighting and then start playing sports?

They didn't. They do both. Sometimes at the same time.

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not if its a sport game ;)

How do you get better on the guitar quickly?

You stop asking "how" and do what you do for math, walking, riding bikes and playing sports... practice!