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Rugby union as 13 ,not to be confused with rugby league which as 11 players on field

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Q: What sports team uses 13 players on the field?
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WHAT team uses 13 players on the field?

All of the Nrl Teams.

How many players are in a starting lineup in baseball?

The number of players of a baseball team that are starters depends on whether or not the league uses designated hitters. If the league does not use designated hitters, each team's starting lineup will include 9 players. (Catcher, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, shortstop, pitcher, left field, right field, and center field). If the league does use designated hitters, each team's starting lineup will include 10 players. (Catcher, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, shortstop, pitcher, left field, right field, center field, and the designated hitter). In each case, however, each team's batting lineup will always include 9 players. In DH friendly leagues, generally it is the pitcher that does not bat (although technically any player could be replaced by the designated hitter) and is replaced by the DH. In DH unfriendly leagues, the pitcher is not replaced and receives at-bats.

What sports team uses a lion as its logo?

The Detroit Lions of the NFL.

What are some applications for Excel workbooks and worksheets in the field of accounting or for an NFL team?

There are a variety of uses for such systems in the game of football, though most have to do with player accounting rather than practical gameday uses. The software can be used to keep up with players' Medical Metrics, their past and future financial payments from the team, analysis of percentages and probability that a team will employ certain strategies, among other uses

What is the defense in sports?

The team or person trying to prevent the offense from scoring. Almost all sports the defense does not have possestion of the ball. Baseball is an exception. In baseball the defence is the team in the feid that uses the ball to prevent the batting team from scoring.

What US sports team uses an Eagle logo?

There are quite a number of various sports teams, native to the United States, which use various kinds of logos to represent themselves with. The team with an eagle in the logo is the Philadelphia Eagles football team.

What sports team uses a bluejay as there logo?

The Toronto Blue Jays, Major League Baseball

Which game uses 5 players on each team?

The sport in which you are referring to is a team sport, the objective being to shoot a ball through a basket horizontally positioned to score points while following a set of rules. Usually, two teams of five players play on a marked rectangular court with a hoop at each width end and it is one of the world's most popular and widely viewed sports. Basketball

Which sports make use of leather protection masks?

There are many sports that utilize a leather mask for protection. Sports such as baseball and hockey use masks to protect their players faces, and football uses helmets made of plastic.

What are the names of the Fox Sports team?

The Fox Sports news team has a variety of different members due to the large quantity of sports. Because of the mass amount of coverage they provide Fox uses multiple writers for the Fox Sports program but the head writers are Jason Whitlock and Peter Schrager

How many fullbacks are on the soccer field?

Honestly it just all depends on the formation your team uses my team use three fullbacks

What sports in the Olympics uses foil?

Yes, there is individual men's foil, men's team foil, individual woman's foil, and women's team foil.

What are the uses of statistics in the field of sports?

Improve personal or team performance by looking at the weak areas. See the opponent's poor stats and concentrate in attacking their weak areas. It is used in betting to attract customers with better odds. For the clubs safety reasons when pitting a team or a player against certain team, players or environment and certain predicted performance will occur. For example, two players have a bitter rivalry from previous matches, and the likelihood for fouls between the pair are very likely, and it can be used to gain the upperhand or used in betting for first card to be received etc.

What team uses the mascot PITTBULLS?

According to this contributor's quick look around the internet, no major team has a pitbull as a mascot. Several sports team use a bulldog mascot, though.

Sports played without balls?

hockey uses a puck. track and field. swimming. cant think of any more

What are the uses of maths in sports?

Like in football, there are points that you add, there are yards that you gain or lose, and the play tell the players where to line up to the ball.

What sports team uses a giraffe as a logo?

In the 1960's the lakers had a giraffe in front of the basket ball on their uniforms.

What are the uses of equipments in volleyball?

volleyball net antena court with deminsions team- 6 players each uniforms. . . . . .ect.

What are the uses of sports?

The uses of sports are for fun, to hang out, or to lose weight.

What are the uses of computers in sports?

To keep track of results. To analyse performance of players / athletes To determine whether shot is in or out (hawkeye)

What is a platoon in baseball?

Platooning is when a team uses two different players at the same position and usually alternate series or games depending on production.

How many players are they in baseball?

The question is vague and there are multiple answers: a) There are 9 players in the field, and 9 in the batting lineup. The 9 in the batting lineup will be exactly the same as the 9 in the field unless the team uses a Designated Hitter (DH). The DH bats for any of the nine fielding positions. It is usually the pitcher removed from the batting line-up when the DH rule is in place. In American Major League Baseball, the DH rule is in use in the American League and during the All Star Game / World Series when those games are in American League ballparks. b) In American Major League Baseball, all teams are allowed 40 players on the roster until the first regular season game. The roster limit is then 25 players until August 31st. After September 1st, a team may increase their roster back to 40 players. The increased player roster during the pre-season allows teams to determine what players they want for the regular season. The increased roster at the end of the season allows farm team players to gain experience playing in the Majors. Should a team qualify for post season play, the roster returns to 25 players and those players must have been on the roster prior to August 31st.

What sentence uses a collective noun with correct agreement?

The correct agreement for collective nouns is that a singular collective noun takes a verb for a singular noun; a plural collective noun takes a verb for a plural noun.Example sentences:Our team of players is wearing the blue jerseys. (singular, one team)Both teams of players are on the field. (plural, two teams)

Why does Cristiano Ronaldo tape his wrist?

He is wearing a Power Balance Bracelet and since soccer players are not allowed to wear this kind of bracelet in the field, he therefore uses athletic tape to cover it.

How do gridiron transfers work?

Gridiron Football uses free substitutions. Either team can substitute players at will. However, since the team on offense controls the pace of the game, it's not uncommon to find a situation where a defense is unable to substitute players because the offense is running a no-huddle or hurry-up offense.