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Q: What sports team uses a bluejay as there logo?
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Related questions

What sports team uses a lion as its logo?

The Detroit Lions of the NFL.

What US sports team uses an Eagle logo?

There are quite a number of various sports teams, native to the United States, which use various kinds of logos to represent themselves with. The team with an eagle in the logo is the Philadelphia Eagles football team.

What sports team uses a giraffe as a logo?

In the 1960's the lakers had a giraffe in front of the basket ball on their uniforms.

Which sports equipment company uses three hexagons as its logo?


Where can you download the font that Dime Sports Magazine uses for their logo.?


Which team logo uses only one shape in their logo?

the Chicago cubs (the c on their hats at least)

What sports team uses a giraffe as there logo?

In the 1960's the lakers had a giraffe in front of the basket ball on their uniforms.In the 1960's the lakers had a giraffe in front of the basket ball on their uniforms.

What company logo uses a blue eagle?

Barclays uses a blue eagle as their logo.

What font is used in the US basketball DREAM team logo?

The US basketball DREAM logo uses a custom font called TS2. It was custom made for this logo and therefore may not be able to be used for personal typing and other logos.

What company uses a bear paw logo?

(Baidu) uses a blue bear paw logo

What is the defense in sports?

The team or person trying to prevent the offense from scoring. Almost all sports the defense does not have possestion of the ball. Baseball is an exception. In baseball the defence is the team in the feid that uses the ball to prevent the batting team from scoring.

What does a cat painted blue in a dream mean?

It is possible that you have had some contact with a company, such as Blue Cat Networks, or The Blue Cat Cafe, that uses a blue cat as a logo. Otherwise, there is no particular symbolism in a cat that has been painted blue. Perhap you favor a sports team whose colors are blue; in that case, the dream reflects your enthusiasm for that team.

What are the names of the Fox Sports team?

The Fox Sports news team has a variety of different members due to the large quantity of sports. Because of the mass amount of coverage they provide Fox uses multiple writers for the Fox Sports program but the head writers are Jason Whitlock and Peter Schrager

What company has k as logo?

Kmart uses a K as its logo.

What designer uses a butterfly as their logo?

I'm pretty sure it is Aeropostale that uses the butterfly logo...but I'm not so sure any designer uses it. :-)

What sports in the Olympics uses foil?

Yes, there is individual men's foil, men's team foil, individual woman's foil, and women's team foil.

What TV brand uses a crown as logo?

The Hallmark Channel uses a gold crown for its logo. It is the same logo Hallmark has been using for years on their greeting cards and gifts.

What organizations logo is a pandabear?

WWF uses a pandabear in it's logo.

When was the NFL logo created?

The logo that the NFL uses was created in 1960.

What car logo has an R on it the middle of it along with two lions with a sword in between them?

Peugeot uses a standing lion in there logo, and Gumpert using a flying Lion in their logo. I know of no automobile model that uses the logo you describe.

What team uses the mascot PITTBULLS?

According to this contributor's quick look around the internet, no major team has a pitbull as a mascot. Several sports team use a bulldog mascot, though.

What brand has the thumbs up logo?

Facebook uses the blue thumbs up logo as their brand image. In India, Thums Up Cola uses the red thumbs up image as a brand logo.

What uses a red thumb up sign as their logo?

Thums Up Cola from India uses a red thumb up logo.

What are the uses of sports?

The uses of sports are for fun, to hang out, or to lose weight.

A jewelry store uses the logo shown. What is the area of the shaded part of the logo?

326 cm