What sports can you play with one kidney?

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maybe, but u should just not waste your time on here and go ask a doctor!

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Q: What sports can you play with one kidney?
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Why should a person with only one kidney avoid contact sports?

Contact sports, such as football and hockey, can damage the last remaining kidney, which will mean that that person will need a new kidney.

What sports do they play in suriname?

One of the sports played is soccer.

What organs do you need to play sports?

I'm going to say all of them except you probably could make it with one kidney. Even in some rare cases 1 and a half feet.

What can and can't you do after donating a kidney?

One Kidney Works Fine. After donating a kidney in 2000, the physician's instructions were simple: do not play contact sports; avoid ibuprofen. The donor's remaining kidney enlarges over time and handles all the tasks previously handled by two kidneys. The donor should be able, after recovery, to resume normal activities and lifestyle.

How many players play college football with one kidney?

There is no exact numbers as to how many players are in college football with just one kidney.

What sports do they play in Benin?

one of them is baseball

What sports can't girls play?

They cannot play football, for one, as well as many other sports. They can, however, still play other sports, such as swimming, soccer and tennis.

What sports does Claire lyons play?

She did play Cheerleading but that ended. She doesn't do any sports other than that one time.

What sports do people in Hawaii play?

People in Hawaii play pretty much all the sports that you can play. Except maybe for like snow sports. I think one of there most popular sports is probably beach volleyball.

What is the difference between play and sports?

To play is to play anything, from imaginary games to sports to videogames. Sports are many games that range from one guy against another to teams against teams.

What is one of the sports that play for St Patrick's Day?

One of the sports played is Call Of Duty, can I get a thumbs up?

How many football players have only one kidney?

Due to health concerns, you cannot play football or any other contact sport with only one kidney. You are not going to be deemed healthy enough to play.

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