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Yes i know plenty of kids who play sports with

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โˆ™ 2011-03-21 15:48:32
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Q: Should kids with asthma be able to play sports?
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What percentage of kids 18 and under have asthma?

79% of kids in Canada have asthma

Why kids should be able to drink sports drinks in school?

because it has lots of sugar and sugar helps you focus

Should sixth kids be able to sports for there school?

I think that that is a good idea and 6th grade kids should play sports every day to keep them healthy i almost think that is a stupid question to ask ( no offence) THank you b.mugs

Why sports should be included in school textbook?

To influence kids into joining sports.

Should kids play sports for free?


Why should kids be able to bring phones to school?

they should be able

Should sports stay in school?

Sports should be allowed in school because many reasearchers studied and di tests to kids that did sports and to kids who didn't the kids that played sports got a much better grade. Also, it helps with physical atributes but also mental

Should kids be able to gamble?


What is pediatric asthma?

It is the asthma found in kids 5 years of age and younger.

Why should kids not have to pay to play sports?

Kids should not pay for sports because students should have fun.There wouldn't be fun if you have to pay a lot of money each month or year in a sport.Another reason why kids should not pay for sports is because less kids would join to play on a sport.Parents might not have the money to pay each month or year for a sport.It's a school's job to fund these activities and not a kids'. Students should participate in sports and not worry about paying.

Should kids be able to get a Twitter?

yes kids should be aloud on twitter and facebook

Why should sports be in school?

its so kids wont get fat. its the only exercise some kids get. also people love sports like me

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