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you start to wheeze and you cough. it can be dangerous if you push it

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Q: How does asthma effect sports peformance?
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How does asthma effect your life?

i have asthma and it effects my life a lot : IE i cant run i cant do sports because i have an asthma attack

Who does asthma affect you when you play sports?

Asthma effects you when you play sports because the Bronchi is very sensitive and can cause irritating in the lungs, this causes loss of breath and maybe vomiting which will effect how long you can last in sports before your too out of breath.

Why is asthma associated with sports?

It is called sports induced asthma I was Diagnosed with asthma but do not have asthma, when I run instead of opening, my lungs close and it feels like I am breathing through a straw.

How the weather can effect asthma acttacks?

Well, if the air is polluted you are more likely to get asthma or if you have it already have a asthma attack. Other then that no weather does effect on asthma

What sports can I safely play without trigger asthma?

There are several sports that can be played without triggering your asthma. I would start by doing some indoor sports. Bowling would be a great sport for someone with asthma.

Does asthma alone stun your growth?

Asthma has no effect on your growth

Who does asthma effect?


Does smoking effect asthma?

it does

How can tobacco effect a person with asthma?

tobacco will make the asthma worse!!

How does asthma affect pulmonary ventilation?

how does asthma effect pulmonary ventilation

Where does asthma effect a person?

in their lungs

How do you know if you have sports asthma or if its just weight related?

I have sports enduced and have a healthy weight

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