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Q: What sport does Stephanie rice do to keep fit?
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What sport was invented as a way to keep athletes in shape during winter?

There is no sport to keep athletes keep fit during winter.

How does Robbie Williams keep fit?

With sport

What is the purpose of sport?

the purpose of sport is to keep yourself fit and healthy but to have fun as well.

What sport should you do to keep fit?

The sport that you should do are swimming, running, going to gym, tennis, football and loads to keep you fit and healthy. The reason why you should keep fit is because, if you dont do exercise you could get fat and it would be hard to do things.

Why there should be sport in school?

There should be sport in school because of the physical exercise is important to keep brain and body fit.

What are the physical benefits of taking part in sport?

to loose weight and keep fit

Why do you need sport?

You need sports to stay fit and to keep your heart in good shape

Why do people in later life participate in sport?

To keep fit and healthy and as something to do as a hobby.

What can you do to keep fit?

play sport and dont get greedy when the family gets KFC bargain bucket

Does Cheryl Cole like sport?

She doesn't like any specific sports but she likes to keep fit.

What sport was invented as away to keep athletes in shape during the winter months?

Wii fit lol

How do you use the word activities in a sentence?

On the weekends i do 7 sport activities with my dad to keep fit and healthy.

Do you have to be fit to do figure skating?

You do not need to be fit to be a figure skater but it would help. Being a figure skater takes a lot of work and if you don't start off fit and you keep with the sport you will need to become fit!

What are the reasons that cause people to play and watch sport?

I think people watch and play sport for leisure. Sport is also good to keep fit and it is also a very good way to bond with friends.

Why do you play basketball?

Simply to have fun and keep me entertained, but others have different reasons to enjoy the sport such as keeping fit.

How sport affect your life?

Sports keep you fit

Why should you play sport?

Ya . We have to play sports regularly . This keeps us fit and steady and keeps away from diseases. Play Sports daily and Keep Fit

Who started afl?

originally cricket players in Australia played afl in the winter to keep fit and eventually it became an Australian sport.

What are the selling points of golf?

The selling points of golf are: Golf is a sport that can keep you fit yet you can still have fun.

Is soccer a good sport to play to stay fit?

Yes, it is because you are constantly running from defence to offence is also especially good if you do well running long distances and yes does keep you fit.

Why is the opportunity to take sport provided in school?

As it teaches children that exercise is good for you to keep you fit and healthy-it is part of the national curriculum for this reason.

What does Andy Murray do to keep fit?

he goes to the gym and does strenuous activities such as running with weights he also also drinks lots of sport drinks

Why do you play netball as a sport?

I personally play netball as i find it a great way to keep fit, meet new people and just have fun

Which president has a sport named after him?

Herbert Hoovers primary physician created a new sport in order to keep the president fit. This sport, dubbed Hooverball, involves throwing a weighted medicine ball over a large net similar to volleyball, but it is scored similar to tennis.

Why do you need to do sport?

we need to do sport to stay fit and healthy