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The selling points of Golf are:

Golf is a sport that can keep you fit yet you can still have fun.

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Q: What are the selling points of golf?
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How many golf world ranking points are awarded for winning the memorial? 500 points

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It depends on the par, but it is 2 points over par, which is bad.

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One can score points in the game Frisbee Golf in the same way as regular golf. The aim is to complete the course in as few throws as possible. If one completes a hole in one less throw than par they score -1, if they take one more throw than par it is +1 etc. The game is usually called Disc Golf.

Is there a location where I can purchase cheap golf equipment?

There are many locations where you can purchase cheap golf equipment. You may try buy sell trade sites, and check you area for seasonal shops that pop up selling all golf equipment.