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One sport would be Lacrosse

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Q: What sport do Indians like?
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Who invented the sport Lacrosse?

The Indians

What sport do Indians play?

Indians can play whatever sport they want to. A better question would what sport is India good at, and the answer to that question is cricket, cricket and cricket.

Is lacrosse the first sport invented?

yes it was the first sport invented by the Indians

Do Indians hunt for sport?

yess they do; yess they do;

What sport did Pueblo Indians play?


What sport do the Cleveland Indians play?


What sport did the Comanche Indians play?


What sport was brought to England by Indians?

wasnt it lacrosse?

Who invented the olympic sport javelin?

the american indians =)

What is the oldest sport in the US?

Lacrosse is considered to be Americas first sport, brought by the North American Indians

Why buffalo disappaered?

people and Indians wiped them out for sport and their furs.......

Lacrosse is a sport that orginated in what country?

Lacrosse was started by the Cherokee Indians.

What sports do Plain Indians play?

cricket is India's biggest sport

Do cree Indians play sports?

they consider hunting a sport and they do a lot of that!

Who are sport players in India?

they are cricket players most indians will support them

What did the cheyenne Indians look like?

They look like indians

How do the lenape Indians look like?

they look like a indians

Why do the Chinese like crickets?

Actually Indians like crikey because that's the main sport of the country.Also,that's why all over the country everyone.knows that.Also,I know because I an Indian

What does sport mean like not the physical sport?

its like to show it off like if someone says that your a good sport the mean a good show off:) like to sport is to have it visible or to show it off!!

What sport did the Native American Indians play at Fort Michilimackinac?

They played lacrosse

Who are the local television announcers for the Cleveland Indians?

Matt Underwood and Rick Manning are the Indians announcers on STO (Sport Time Ohio).

What do the pueblo Indians look like?


I am sport you how do usee?

you how am use sport ball like that

Does david tenant like sport?

No, he dislikes sport.

What sport should I play?

Any sport You like