Who are sport players in India?

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they are cricket players most indians will support them

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Q: Who are sport players in India?
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What sport has seventeen players?

What sport has seventeen players

What sport has the most players worldwide?

what sport has the most players worldwide

What sport has a team of five players against five players?

The sport of basketball.

What is the total number of sport players?

There is averagely 2.158.521.036 sport players in the world

A team sport with 5 players in it?

Basketball is a team sport with 5 players in it.

What is the sport would you associate Leander Paes?

Leander Paes is currently one of the leading tennis doubles players from India.

Which sport is famous in India?

1. Cricket is the most popular sport in India. Not only does the majority of India practice the sport, but they have also claimed many victories and awards globally. 2. Chess has also been seen as very popular in India. The country is home to many gifted players of which some rank in the world top 10. Since 1951, India now has its own chess federation (AICF). 3. Football is a sport that attracts quite an attention in India as well. It may not be as popular as cricket and India may not have as much victories in the sport, but it is widely respected nevertheless.

Is chess a sport and if so how is it one?

Chess is a sport because in a sport there are 2+ players who play and in Chess there are 2 players who play.

Which is the famous sport of India?

i think the most famous sport in India is cricket

Is India's main sport something to do with gymnastics?

India's main sport is cricket.

What is the most played sport in India?

the most played sport in India is........ CRICKET!!!!!

What is India is sport?

india'sFav sport is Cricket

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