What sport do Japanese kids play in winter?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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ice skating..

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Q: What sport do Japanese kids play in winter?
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Is volleyball a winter sport?

Yes volleyball can be a winter sport if you play it indoors.

Do kids play hammer the sport?

No they don't play hammer the sport.

What kind of sports can people play in the winter?

A sport people can play in the winter is snowboarding.

What do college kids do in the winter?

The same thing other kids do in the winter: Play in the snow.

Why is netball a winter sport?

it isn't! you can play it when ever!

What sport did Persia kids play?


Is basketball a summer or winter sport?

Winter without a doubt No it is both, because you can play indoors and out.

What is thesis statement mad up of?

A thesis statement is made up of the answer to your essay question. It is also a way to express what you belive in, or what side of the arguement you are taking. For example: "Is soccer a fun sport to play in winter?" "Soccer is a fun sport to play in winter." OR "Soccer is not a fun sport to play in winter."

What winter Olympic sport can women not play?

Ski jumping.

Do most kids play a sport?

Yes. Approximately 60-70% of the kids in the world play sports.