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Q: What sport damages your body the most?
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How does fitness affect the heart?

A fit body is a healthy body. This affect the heart as well and you will have lower pulse when resting, and more energy available when you need to use your body. Should not overdo the fitness part though. Sport is supposed to be a good thing, but sport at too a high level will strain the body and the heart. Sport (when overdone) is one of the most common causes of damages to the body.

Which Sport Uses the most body strength?

weight lifting, body building??

What does poison do to your body?

damages it

What is the most healhy sport?

Swimming. It works out the entire body

What sport is the most whole-body aerobic exercise?


What sport most damages field space?

Probably has to be rugby because of slide tackles and other bad tackles that can cause the field damaged.

Which sport uses the most energy per hour?

what i think of the sport that uses the most energy in an hour is wrestling and track and field because you use youre whole body with that sport

What are the most physical sports?

cycling is the most physical sport as it uses all the muscles in your body

Why is canabis illegal?

because it damages your body

What is the best sport in human history?

It depends on the way you look at it. The most popular sports were: Long ago, in the time of the Mayans, there was a ball game that men played. Then, it was the most popular sport. At the times of the Ancient Romans, the most popular sport was to see gladiators fight each other in a Coliseum. Today, in America, the most popular sport is football. Now, if you look at it from the point of which sport helps your body the most, most experts say it is swimming, because you have to use your arms, legs, and pretty much the whole rest of you body.

What bad things does beer do your body?

it damages your brain

What does alcohol do to the body's system?

damages it, targeting the liver.

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