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Some good Basketball drills include running up and down the court while bouncing the ball. Try to put the ball through your legs. You can find more drills at

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Q: What sorts of basketball drills can one do with just a ball?
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Where basketball workout?

Do suicides its a basketball drill that builds lung strength as well as leg muscle and speed/ agility just goolge suicide basketball drills

How do you get ready for basketball tryouts?

There are plenty of things you can do to get ready for basketball tryouts. Run some laps, shoot around, do some dribbling and passing drills. Just basic drills that you have done in practice if youv'e been on a team before.

Who work harder track or basketball?

BASKETBALL. Definitely basketball. Track is just running and stuffZ. Basketball is cutting sprinting coordination and all sorts of jazz.

How do you make Texas varsity basketball?

You just try out and do drills and try hard. Its like any other team

What is the difference between the size of a basketball hoop and a basketball?

A basketball hoop is just a hoop. A basketball is a ball for sports.

What are some differences between basketball and softball?

Basketball - requires much training, arm work, leg work, tons and tons of conditioning. Shooting, passing, rebounding, dribbling, ball-handles, footwork drills.. Softball - just like baseball, but usually played by girls...they pitch differently, but they do most of the same training stuff basketball does.

Why do people us a soccer ball for soccer?

Just the reason they use a basketball in basketball or a golf ball in Golf. To give uniformity to the game.

Does a soccer ball tennis ball or basketball bounce the highest?

If you drop it, tennis ball of course. Just because the basketball is bigger it doesn't have the same situated location point. However, if you put force in it it basketball.

What equipment is needed to play basket ball?

well you have to have a ball not just a regular ball a basketball,cleaks:)<3

How to Shoot a Basketball - Drills?

How to Shoot a Basketball - DrillsTo become better at shooting a basketball, you can practice several drills that will improve your form. A multicolored ball is the best way to visualize if your form and ball rotation are correct. The first few drills don't require a court or net. They can be done at home.Lay on your back with the ball in your shooting hand. Your elbow and wrist should be at ninety degrees angles. Straighten your arm and wrist as you drive the ball upwards. Your wrist should end up ninety degrees forward to get the correct rotation on the ball. If your hands are small or the ball is heavy, use your non-shooting hand as a guide. Don't use the fingers; just rest the ball against the palm. For the next drill, sit in a chair and again drive the ball straight up.The next drill requires a basketball net. Stand close to and centered on the basket, keep your elbow in close to your body while maintaining the correct ninety degree angles with your hand and elbow. Drive the ball straight toward the basket. Watch the rotation and angle of the ball. Again, the ball should appear as one color. If the ball goes to one side or the other, correct your form. After making five baskets in a row, move back and continue.

What is the differences between basketball wives and basketball wives LA?

Basketball ball wives is from around the world and basketball wives La is just in L.A.

Where are the differences between basketball and volleyball?

In basketball you are dribbling a ball and shooting it in a hoop. In volleyball you are hitting a ball over a net. There are more differences, these are just a few.

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