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A soccer ball was used for the ball and a peach basket was used as the basket.

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Q: What did they use for a basketball when the sport was just made?
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How was the use of basketball and appearance changed overtime?

the use of basketball has changed over time because it was once just a sport for ymca athletes but now its used for fitness and to entertain us

How do you type a basketball?

You cannot "type" a basketball. A basketball is an object you use in the sport of basketball to shoot it through the hoop.

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How does math relate to basketball?

math relates to just about every sport. in basketball they use geometry to find the angles of the shot . also on a pass downcourt they have to figure where the player will be when the ball reaches

Why use technology in sport?

say if it was in basketball and you didnt see the dunk or three pointer they made well with technology you could see the replay.

Which sport does not use yellow card?

basketball, baseball

What is a basketball?

It's a orange ball that you use when you play the sport basketball, it is usually made of rubber or leather and you use it by dribbling (bouncing the ball from your hand to the floor and back to your hand) or shooting the ball into the hoop (a tall pole with a metal loop with a net attached to it).

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I believe that it would be basketball and football

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Is it weird to use a soccer bag for basketball?

Probably not. You can use any sports bag for any sport. It doesn't have to be in the sport that you're doing right now.

Can you compare and contrast soccer and basketball?

yes. well soccer has 11 players while basketball has 5 players. Similarities: both sports use balls. Basketball is a indoor sport and soccer is a outdoor sport. Both sports are played with a ball.

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Swimming, running, and basketball use the lactic acid system.

Did LeBron James every use steroids?

to be honest prob not, and basketball is not the sport for steroids

What sport was the first to use the term alley oop?

The term alley-oop was first used in the sport of basketball.

How do you use basketball in a sentence?

"I love playing basketball with my friends." "Today is the first day for basketball try-outs." "That basketball still needs to be inflated." "Hey, pass me the basketball!" "Is basketball the most popular sport?" "First one to score 21 points wins the basketball game."

What is a basketball made from?

Basketball MaterialsA basketball is made out of Pigskin. That is why it has that orange color. For jet basketballs, they use different Pigskin. For colored basketballs, they use painted Pigskin. Not all basketballs are made from pigskin, however.

Is basketball a much more exciting sport than golf?

Yes definitely, you get to maneuver the ball at your pace and use your own strategies. I would definitely recommend BasketBall over Golf. Llama

In which sport sportsmen has to use right hand even if he is left handed?

There are multiple including Golf, football, and basketball.

What are the changes in basketball rules for women?

Women use a size 6 ball, instead of the size 7 for men. It is lighter and smaller than the men's. That is about all I think, basketball is not the sport to be sexist.

Where did basketball first orignate from?

Basketball was invented by James Naismith in Springfield Mass. in 1891. He originated basketball as a gymnasium sport. The game was originally played with a soccer ball and two peach bushel baskets, from which the game took its name. He was asked to devise a new indoor winter sport. His version of basketball called for nine players (later reduced to five) per team and the use of peach baskets (later netted hoops) as goals.

Why do you use a layup in basketball?

Just another way to score

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alot of sports use this joint because it is needed to run, jump, etc Basketball, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball, and much more. Hope this helps