What sized ball is a a game of netball played with?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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about a foot long and wide

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Size 5

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Q: What sized ball is a a game of netball played with?
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What did the name netball come from?

Netball is a shooting game, but the question is why is netball is called netball, because in netball your throwing the ball in the net so that's called net and the ball that your playing with is called ball so that is ball Net ball

How do you play a game of netball?

you jump up and punch the ball

What game is fun but you can't run with the ball?

It is netball. You can't run with the ball. If you do the other team will get the ball.

How can you use the word dribble in sentence?

You cannot dribble with the ball in a game of netball.

What are the major developments of netball?

There have been several changes in netball, including the rules and where the game was played.

How do you score net ball game?

you can score a goal in netball when either goal attack or goal defence shoots the netball into the hoop.

What is a ball game?

A ball game is a game played with a ball, or a specific contest in any game played with a ball.

What does netball stand for?

It is a game similar to Basketball , in which a ball has to be put into a net and collect points.

How did the name netball come?

Its called netball because the aim of the game is to put the ball in the nat, or though, it was originally called womens basketball. - the game evolved from men's basketball in around 1891. by dividing the court into thirds and using a net on a pole instead of a basket the game became known as netball.

Is netball a team game?

Yes, Netball is a team game.

Game played with a half-inch ball?

The game played with a half inch ball is ROULETTE

How do you start the game of netball?

you stand by your opponent and the referee throws the ball in the air and who ever gets it can run to their net