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It is a game similar to Basketball , in which a ball has to be put into a net and collect points.

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Q: What does netball stand for?
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Where do people stand on the netball court?

were do people stand on the court in netball IS NOT USEFULL

Where do netball they stand?

This should help

What does WD stand for in netball?

wing deffence

What does WA stand for in netball?

wing attack :)

What does GA stand for in netball?

Goal attack

What does 'TID' stand for in netball?

Talent Identification

What do CNA stand for?

Caribbean netball associetion

Where do the umpiers stand in netball?

around the edges

What does pm stand for in netball?


In netball what does WA stand for?

wing attack :)

How far away from each other must opposing players stand in netball?

You must stand within 0.9 meters away from someone in netball

For what do the letters wa stand?

Wing attack in netball

What is the proper height for a netball stand?

2.4 Metres

In netball how far away do you have to stand when defending?

while playing netball and your defending another person, you have to stand three feet away in other terms a metre away.

What does GA stand for?

GA in Netball stands for Goal Attack.

Are you allowed to run with the ball in netball?

No. you have to stand and throw the ball.

What does gs stand for netball?

Gs stands for goal shot.

Were do people stand on the netball court?

The players all stand in different places depending on what position they are

What is the penalty for obstruction in netball?

When you obstruct in netball, you have to stand beside the player you obstructed and wait till they have taken the pass/shot :)

Where does wa stand in a netball game?

W.A stand for Wing Attack their job is to get the ball into the goal circle

What does GD stand for in netball?

Goal Direct is a man who direct the team

How far must you stand away from someone in netball?

1 meter

What is an obstruction in netball?

An obstruction in netball is when you stand with in 3ft of the player and you with your arms over the ball. So you would get pulled up for obstrustion and now you would have to stand beside the player you were defending!;D

What happens in netball if you obstruct?

You have to stand aside and the other team gets the ball

What does 7 p on a n t stand for?

Seven players in a netball team.