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Official soccer goals are 24 feet long, and 8 feet tall (7.32 meters long and 2.44 meters tall).

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Q: What size are goalposts that are used in a professional match in Soccer?
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What size is professional soccer league ball?

A professional size football is uk size 5.

What is the size soccer ball professional plaers use?

Adults use a size 5 soccer ball.

What is the size soccer ball professional players use?

size 5

What is the biggest shoe size in professional soccer?

15 or 14

What is the Average shoe size professional soccer player?


What is the circumference of a size 3 soccer ball?

The circumference of a size 3 soccer ball is 23 to 24 inches. Size 4 soccer balls are 25 to 26 inches in circumference. The size used in professional soccer and upper level youth leagues is size 5 which is 27 to 28 inches. The smaller size 2 soccer balls are promotional soccer balls.

What size is a regulation soccer ball?

It depends how old you are but for professional players (example: MLS) it's a size 5

What is the average size of a professional soccer goalkeeper?

5 feet some times 6

What size ball do professional soccer players use?

they use 6 inch balls

How wide are the goalposts on a football pitch?

The goal posts are now 8 yards wide, F.I.F.A increased the size of the goalposts intending to have more goals scored.

What are the dimensions for 7-a-side soccer goalposts?

The size of a 7-a-side goal is the same dimensions for standard football (soccer) which is: - They must be square, rectangular, round or elliptical in shape and must not be dangerous to players. The distance between the posts is 7.32 m (8 yds) and the distance from the lower edge of the crossbar to the ground is 2.44 m (8 ft). Both goalposts and the crossbar have the same width and depth, which do not exceed 12 cm (5 ins). The goal lines must be of the same width as the goalposts and the crossbar.

What is the size of the soccer ball for middle school soccer?

I play middle school soccer, and the size for the soccer balls range from size 4 to size 5.

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