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The Air Jordan XI Space Jams. They were all black with a white sole and purple grips on the bottom

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Q: What shoes did Michael Jordan play basketball in during the movie space jam?
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What was the title of the Michael Jordan basketball film directed by James Stern?

Michael Jordan to the Max was the title of the basketball movie directed by James Stern.

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Space Jam is the title of the Michael Jordan movie.I think that was the only one he was in.

What is the name of Michael Jordan movie he is in?

Space Jam

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Was there ever a movie with Michael Jordan?

Space Jam.

What is the movie with Michael Jordan as a kid?

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No, the children that appeared in the movie were child actors. The film depicts three of Michael Jordan's children in the movie: Jeffery, Marcus and Jasmine. These characters were played in the movie by: Manner Washington - Jeffery Jordan Eric Gordon - Marcus Jordan Penny Bae Bridges - Jasmine Jordan

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Space Jam. Great movie.

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I don't know about other Disney characters, but the movie Space Jam has Michael Jordan and many Looney Tunes characters. It has a basketball match in it with aliens versus Looney tunes characters . Hope this helps :)

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Warner Brothers cartoon characters appeared with Michael Jordan in the film titled Space Jam. I believe it's important to detail in an answer as much as I can.

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