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Q: What did Michael Jordan do well?
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Is Michael Jordan dead?

Michael Jordan is indeed alive and well.

Why is Michael Jordan well known?

Michael Jordan is well known because of his legendary basketball moves.

What age did Michael Jordan die?

As of February 8, 2008, Michael Jordan is still alive and well.

What is Michael Jordan currently doing?

As of 2014 Michael Jordan is the chairman as well as the owner of the Hornet basketball team. Jordan is a former NBA player.

Can Michael Jordan dance?

Well Yea Cause In One Of Michael Jackson Music Videos ''Jam'' Michael Jackson Taught Michael Jordan Some Dancemoves

What sports other than basketball did Michael Jordan play in high school?

Michael Jordan played baseball and football as well as basketball.

How is Michael Jordan a good person?

Well... Michael Jordan helps causes and charities. He is an AWESOME & talented active basketball player...

Is Michael Jordan alive?

yes he is alive and well

Who is more famous George Washington or Michael Jordan?

George Washington; Washington is famous throughout the world, Michael Jordan is less well known outside the USA.

Does Michael Jordan have anything to say about Michael Jackson's death?

Well there name may be Michael but Michael Jordan is in basketball. I know someone who has something to say Chris Tucker. They did everything together. For example, "Rock My World" and concerts.

Did Michael Jordan release a statement on the death of Michael Jackson?

well if you saw the funeral, you would know the answer

Who is taller Michael Jordan or Michael Jackson?

Michael Jordan.

Did Michael Jordan have a heart attack?

No he did not have a heart attack he is alive and well!!!

When did Michael Jordan die?

He did not die. As of April 2009 he is alive and well.

Does Michael Jordan have any daughters?

well we realy dont now.

Where does michael jordan work now?

Well now he is doing shoes

Who was Michael Jordan's dad?

Michael Jordan's father is James Jordan

How much is a Michael Jordan plaque worth?

The value of a Michael Jordan plaque is dependent on the type of plaque as well as its condition. As of 2014 plaques sell for around 40 dollars.

What was the name of Michael Jordan's sons?

Marcus Jordan and Jeffrey Michael Jordan

What is a acrostic poem for Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan

Who is richer Michael Jordan or Pele?

Michael Jordan

Is Michael Jordan on 2k9?

no. Michael Jordan is on 2k3

Who is older Michael Jackson or Michael Jordan?

Michael Jackson was born in 1958, and Michael Jordan was born in 1963. So Michael Jackson was older than Michael Jordan. However, Michael Jordan is now older than Michael Jackson lived to be.

Who is the best Kobe or Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan. plus david deluskie that's me a future Michael Jordan! hahahahahahahha

What person made Michael Jordan famous?

Michael Jordan made Michael Jordan famous