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search alexa may

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Q: What were Michael Jordans reactions when he could not play varsity?
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Is it okay for a freshman to wear a varsity jacket?

It depends on the culture at your school. If there is a distinct jacket for varsity players as distinct from junior varsity, and the freshman is not a part of the varsity team, then probably not. At my high school, there was just one "letter jacket", which was the same throughout high school, and freshmen who had earned letters could wear it. (I suppose technically you could wear it without the letter, but you'd have looked kind of like a doofus.)

Michael jordans rookie card 84 85?

if it's not signed it could be worth around 2 bucks, but with the signature, it could be worth 75 bucks. For a real in depth run down of his various rookie card options, check out the related link below.

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