Do kids play basketball in England?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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yes.although Basketball originated from the united states, many kids in england play basketball.

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Q: Do kids play basketball in England?
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How many kids play basketball?

70% of kids

How long do kids play basketball per quarter in elementary?

Elementary kids play 8 minutes per period in basketball.

How many kids play basketball as a sport?

Millions of kids around the world play basketball, especially in USA, Europe and Asia.

How many kids play basketball worldwide?

70% of kids

Where to play kids basketball?

what kind of creepy question is that

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How many people play basketball in England?


Does Michael jordans kids play basketball?

yes they both play at UCF

What did kids play in Bulgaria?

Football, Handball, Volleball, Basketball

What sports do kids in rec play?

I know that in my town they play rec basketball and soccer

How many kids in the US play basketball?

just about 1.1 million

How many kids that play basketball in school became NBA players?

odds are...not you.