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Well- you should run 2 miles a day.

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Q: What routine of exercises or drills can be practiced in order to run a mile under 6 minutes?
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What are Basketball's exercises?

In basketball there are drills and you practice plays. There are many different drills.

Are running tire drills and ladder drills considered aerobic exercises?

i don't know. don't ask any question again!

What drills and exercises should you do to train for the fall soccer season during the summer?

ladders, ball handling drills and other productive stuff.

What are some of the exercises that I can use for soccer drills?

Exercises that may be used for soccer drills are speed ladders, hurdles, cones, lateral side steppers, resistance sleds, resistance harnesses, wobble boards and reaction balls.

How do you use a weighted basketball?

A weighted basketball is typically used as a substitution for a medicine ball in iplyometric drills and for strength training exercises. Some common excercises include Medicine Ball Squats, Core Exercises, and Circular Drills.

What drills were implemented in schools during world war 2?

Air raid drills were practiced during World War II That was also the beginning of the Emergency Broadcast System

What has the author Ronald Mackin written?

Ronald Mackin has written: 'OPEAC oral drills' 'Exercises in English patterns and usage' -- subject(s): Composition and exercises, English language, Problems, exercises, Usage

Need some softball drills for warmups?

Im not sure what you mean by softball drills for warm-up. Just make sure to be warmed up before doing the softball drills. It's advisable now to use dynamic exercises to warm yourself up. If you want to use softball drills as warm-up make sure to use drills that are not strenuous that may cause strain. Make sure you modify the drills by lowering the intensity of the softball drills.

Training exercises for a foldup ping pong table?

Training exercises used with a fold-up ping pong table can include aim both using forehand and backhand drills.

What are some exercises figure skaters do?

Off ice? I was a figure skater and I did ballet and cardio for exercise. On the ice I did drills and figures.

How would you Put panic into a sentence?

Example sentence - The children practiced fire drills so they would not panic if there were a real emergency.

How long you have to do fire drills?

The drill should only last 10-15 minutes.

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