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Dan Marino - Miami Dolphins

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Jay Cutler

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Q: What quarterback can throw the fastest?
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Fastest quarterback to throw for 10000 yards in his career?

colt mccoy

What quarterback of all time can throw a football the fastest?

I think it is Brett Farve.

Is Michael Vick the fastest runner in the NFL?

he definitely wasnt the fastest player in the nfl but he was the fastest quarterback in the nfl in the last decade.I can say that Michael Vick has many talents and can not only throw the ball but run and catch the football as well.

How do you be a better quarterback?

throw the ball

Who throw the interceptions in football?


What is the fastest pass by a quarterback?

63 mph by jay cutler in 2007

Fastest thrown baseball thrown by a quarterback?

jakob lee Jones

Who is the fastest quarterback in the NFL now?

Robert Griffen III ( RG3 )

Can a quarterback continue to throw the ball after a forced fumbled?


What professional quarterback did not use the laces on the football to throw?


What do linerbacks do?

line backers block the quarterback to give him time to throw the ball or pass it off. the opposing team tries to get through the linebackers and tackle the quarterback before he can throw/ pass.

Who is the fastest quarterback?

Vince Young because Michael Vick does not play anymore.