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Baseball 162 games and playoffs

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Q: What professional sport played the most games a year?
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What professional sport has more games watched?

Professional Bicycling is the most watched sport in the world based on the number of people who watch it but I am unsure how many "games" or races occur within each year.

What is the most common sport in the olympic games?

It depends on what you define the most common sport in the Olympics as, football is probably the most played sport that is included in the Olympics

What is the sport most played in Scotland?

tung ma baws is the most played sport. You can join in by tungin ma baws ya wee diddy prick

What is a cyber athlete?

One who plays video games as a competitive sport. Most play in professional tournaments.

What team has played the most games in professional baseball history?

The Phillies

Most common played sport in the US?

Basketball. One of the earliest games invented

When is Shinty played?

Traditionally it has been a winter sport, but most games are now played in the summer and some in winter.

What is Chile's most second played sport?

Soccer is Chiles most played sport, but tennis is Chiles second most played sport

What professional sport has the most participants?


Which two teams played the most for a championship in professional sport?

lakers and celtics even though lakers own celctics

What is the name of the player with the most games played in soccer at professional club?

ryan giggs

What is the most played sport in austarlia?

EVENTING is the most played sport in australia.