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Q: What professional sport has the most participants?
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What sport has the most participants in the world?


Which sport has the most participants in Britain?


What is the main sport in the UK?

The UK sport with the most participants is angling

Which sport event has the most participants?

Hockey, In Canada of course!

What is the most popular participation sport in Britain?

cricket!?!?!?!?!? Fishing has the most participants.

What sport has the most participants in Australia?

Swimming, Soccer, AFL and Netball

What is the most popular sport in Europe?

Football, i.e. soccer. Football has the most participants and is the most watched.

What is the most popular sport in New Zealand?

Contrary to popular belief, the sport with the most participants is swimming. The most popular in terms of viewers is rugby union.

Which sport does Michigan have the most registered participants?

Michigan has the most participants in football and basketball. Michigan could have won the championship in football if the OhiostateBuckeyes didn't cheat in the rose bowl.

What professional sport has the most female fans?

As of 2014, the professional sport that has the most female fans is NASCAR. NASCAR is a stock car racing series.

What professional sport costs the most to run?

Hockey {NHL} is the most expensive sport but it is very intertaining

What professional sport makes the most money?


What is the most watched professional sport in America?


Which professional sport pays the most money?


What is the most popular professional sport in japan?


Which sport has most records broken?

professional CHOCKYFEST

What is the most favorite professional sport in the US?


What is good about playing pro sport?

By definition "professional" indicates that the participants are being paid. So, money would often be considered a good thing.

What sport does the spectators or participants know the score?

Just about every sport there is

What sport do people in New Zealand play?

Rugby is the largest played and most popular organised sport in NZ but golf and fishing have more participants.

Where do fencers come from?

Fencers are participants in the sport of fencing, a sport that uses swords.

What is the most physically exerting sport?

In my opinion, triathlon is definitely the most physically demanding sport. It requires participants to be in extremely good shape and have outstanding endurance in all three of its components.

What professional sport team sells the most merchandise?


What is the second most physically demanding sport?

Professional motocross

What state has the second most professional sport teams?