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lakers and celtics even though lakers own celctics

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Q: Which two teams played the most for a championship in professional sport?
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How many professional baseball players played on school sport teams?

all of them how do you think they got there.

What are three professional sport teams in California?

Three professional sport teams in California are: the L.A. Lakers, the San Fransisco 49'ers, and the L.A. Dodgers

What are all the professional sport teams in Iowa?

Iowa has no pro teams

What professional sport teams are there in Peru?


What professional Sport teams are in Alaska?

there are none...:(

What professional sport teams does Oregon have?


What are Montanas major sport teams?

Montana does not have any professional sports teams

What are any professional sport teams in Idaho?


How many professional sport teams are in Maryland?


Is there any professional sport teams in Italy?

yes there is

What is Ireland's professional sport team called?

There are many professional sport teams in Ireland. They would have no special name, just Ireland.

What is the main sport played in belgium?

well Belgium has a professional basket ball team and a professional soccer team. from all the statistics, soccer would be there main sport because they have won more soccer titiles that any other sport and there are more people trying out for soccer teams that any other sport.

What state has the second most professional sport teams?


What are the professional sport teams in Italy?

All of theItalianfootball teams except from Serie B onwards and maybe the rugby teams

In what professional sport is Paul Kariya famous?

Paul Kariya is a professional athlete known for playing in the National Hockey League. He has played 15 seasons with four different teams, and retired in 2010.

What are two professional sport teams in Panama?

There is Baseball & Soccer

Is hockey a sport?

Yes. Some countries have professional hockey teams. Well, Canadians consider it a sport, and there are a few American teams, but I still think it's nota real sport.

Professional sports in Hawaii?

No, there are currently no professional sport teams from Hawaii. However, they do have PGA tournaments at some of the golf courses in hawaii.the only teams r the university of Hawii athletic teams.

What two teams played in 1982 SEC Championship?

The SEC did not have a championship game until 1992.

When did soccer become a professional sport?

Soccer became a Professional sport when teams began paying players to play for their wandering teams in the early 1800's. (Also the reason why many Soccer Teams are called the Wanderers or Rovers) Many teams were a collection of players who were drawn from various areas areas to compete against other teams, and to attarct the best players, some teams started paying players to play for them. This made them a "professional" player.

Hawaii's professional sport teams?

they do not have a pro sports team so far.

How many professional sport teams owned by foreign?

pretty much all of them

Does Brazil have any professional sport teams?

Yes. They have a soccer team(s).

How many cities have 3 professional sport teams?

Baghdad and Ulaan Bataar

What are Oklahoma cities professional sport teams?

Oklahoma City Thunder (NBA)