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Strong safety

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Q: What position in football is SS short for?
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What is the football position SS?

Strong safety.

What is SS position in football?

Strong Saftey

What position is SS in football?

SS in soccer means Second Striker or Strong Safety

What position does ss stand for in football?

Score setter

What position in football is Sl short for?

Short stop (:

In the National Football League what is the position SS?

Pretty sure it's Strong Safety

What position to play in football at a 6'2?


What football position is wb short for?

a wingback

What position in football is FL short for?

FL = Flanker

What position in football is FB short for?

full back

What position is sde short for in football?

Strong Side Defensive End

What is the best position for a short football player?

wide receiver

What position in football is RDE short for?

right defensive end

What does minor league baseball SS stand for?

In terms of how a professional, minor league baseball franchise is designated, "SS" stands for "Short Season". This is due to the abbreviated season these type of minor league teams take part in. When referring to position abbreviations in baseball, "SS" means Short Stop. The defensive position on the field between second and third base

What is the meaning of ss in football?

ss stands for deep-lying forward

Deffintion of ss?

SS in ship terms, steamship.SS in school terms Social studiesSS can mean Schutzstaffel which was a Nazi paramilitary forceSS shortstop in baseballSS can mean strong safety, a defensive position in American and Canadian footballI can keep going, SS is too vague. can mean THOUSANDS of things

What football position should you play if your 13 5'9 and you weigh 160 pounds?

In my opinion, OLB, SS, HB if your fast enough, and maybe Inside LB

Why is football enjoyable?

Football is enjoyable because it is a game of strategy rather than talent. Each position has to function well togethe or they will fall short of a victory.

What does SS Football?

Strong Safety

What does ss stand for in football?


What is the football position ks?

the football position ks is Kicker

In football what does ss stand for?

Strong Safety

I am 5'11 tall at 230 lbs and quick with my feet what position should i play in football?

give up, your too short

Can short people play linebacker?

Yes, short people can play football as long as you like to hit and can play the position well. It depends on your definition of short, I have known short people to play linebacker and they have been one of the best football players I have ever played with throughout my football career so far. Plus when you're in peewee football the little kids are short and still play Linebacker. There has been people in the NFL who have been shorter then average linebackers and are some of the best linebackers in NFL history.

What are the football teams in rome?

The football teams in rome are called AS roma and SS lazio