What does SS Football?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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Strong Safety

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Q: What does SS Football?
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What is the meaning of ss in football?

ss stands for deep-lying forward

What are the football teams in rome?

The football teams in rome are called AS roma and SS lazio

What position in football is SS short for?

Strong safety

In football what does ss stand for?

Strong Safety

What is SS position in football?

SS in soccer means Second Striker or Strong Safety

In the National Football League what is the position SS?

Pretty sure it's Strong Safety

What position to play in football at a 6'2?


What were the Italy league winners of 2000?

The Italy League winners of 2000 were SS Lazio Football Club.

What wasthe name of the serie A winners in2000?

The Serie A winners in 2000 were SS Lazio Football Club in Italy.

Are their skilled positions on defense in football?

Yes: SS, CB, MLB, OLB, basically anything other then the d linemen

What does SS mean in SS Maheno?

The 'SS' in 'SS Maheno' stands for 'Steamship'.

What does ss mean refering ss Great Britain?

The SS in 'SS Great Britain' stands for 'Steamship'.