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They are Fabio Canaverro, Michal salgado.Other mainly Dutch are up for sale.

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Q: What players have left real Madrid this season?
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Who pays for real Madrid's players?

Real Madrid have to pay for their players.

What players have left the premier league to play for real Madrid?

Beckham Adebayor-On loan to Real Madrid from Manchester City

What season did Beckham leave Real Madrid?

I think david Bexckham left Real Madrid 1n 2007.

Players from real Madrid are leaving?


Did real Madrid give there best player to Manchester united after munich crash?

No, Manchester United played the rest of the season with reserve and youth players. Real Madrid did not give any players to Manchester United. That is a very strange rumour

How many portuguese Players Play for real Madrid?

There are two players from Portugal in the Real Madrid first team Christiano Ronalda Pepe.

Where to send letters to Real Madrid players?

Real Madrid Avenida de Concha Espina, 1 28036 Madrid Spain

How many Muslim players are in real Madrid?

OZIL, BENZEMA, DIARA, KHDIRA, LASSANA... That makes at least six Muslim players in real Madrid.

Who played for Liverpool and real Madrid?

The players who have played for Real Madrid & Liverpool are Michael Owen and Steve McManaman

Players that played premiership and real Madrid?

Players who played for both Real Madrid and Manchester United are David Beckem , Steve McMananan , Ivan Campos.

Who are the English players who played for Real Madrid?

These following players joined Real Madrid from the E.P.L. Jonathan Wood gate, Michael Owen,David Beckham and Cunningham.

Who is the best player on real Madrid?

Real Madrid always buy costly players, but this year Ronaldo is their best player .

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