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Barcelon do not pay their players like Real Madrid , mainly as they develop young players into their team, Resal Madrid keeps buying big named players, for huge amounts so they weekly salary is also huge.

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Q: Why Barcelona don't bay players like real Madrid?
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Which three Liverpool players have gone from Liverpool to barcelona?

Noone, but some Liverpool players has gone to Real Madrid, like Xabier 'Xabi' Alonso

Is team Barcelona better than team Real Madrid?

Barcelona are a better team as they do not spend so much like Real Madrid does, Barcelona produce from their youth team, which Real Madrid does not do.

Is real Madrid the best team in the world?

No! Real madrid socks like hell, barcelona rules no one jokes with barcelona

Which team is better Barcelona or Real Madrid?

The best team in the word is Barcelona not Real Madrid okay . Madrid they sack like a sick dogs . thank by Lennon Rodney Souto .

Which is better real Madrid or fc Barcelona?

FC Barcelona is better because they have the best players like: Messi who took the best player in the world 2 times and xavi also because he played from long time in Barcelona and still till now most of the fans like him. But Real Madrid is good because they have Ricardo Kaka and he is very good in playing!

Does Greyson Chance like Barcelona or Real Madrid?

i wouldnt know the answer!

How much does soccer players get paid?

Soccer players who play with good teams like,FC BARCELONA,REAL MADRID,AC MILLIAN and other teams get paid around 30 million and 40 million

What is prefix for Barcelona football club like Madrid Has HALA?

FC (Football Club)

Does Cristiano Ronaldo play vs Barcelona?

Yes he does. Christiano Ronaldo plays for Real Madrid. Real Madrid goes against Barcelona many times (like during an El Clasico)

Is Real Madrid the best?

Some people think so, but I like Barcelona F.C. better.

How does a soccer team get their flight?

For bigteams like Man United, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Chealsea, Liverpool, and Velencia they have their own planes.

Manchester United the best team?

Not the best because there are a few teams better than us like Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Who is the best football tem in the world?

Arguably Barcelona would be the best team in the world; they've got some world-class players in their team such as: Lionel Messi,Xavi,Andres Iniesta and Cesc Fabregas. But teams like Real Madrid, A.C. Milan, Manchester City and Manchester United are up there with Barcelona

How many times has Spain been in the world cup?

As Spain have a very good team they may have been to at least 12 world cups with ease.Their problem is their club problem like Barcelona players and Real Madrid players do not gel well on and of the pitch so are other clubs like those from the basque region don't fit at all.

Will Real Madrid and other clubs like FC Barcelona play against clubs like Manchester city Manchester united why?

Perhaps they will in the UEFA champions league.

Who uses MP3 players?

alot of people who dont like apple

How did fc Barcelona become rivals?

Barcelona and Real Madrid are arch rivals.And because of this the Spanish team suffered as most were from Real mad rid or Barcelona , and then they do not cooperate in the room or field.Spain were called the Chocker are very clanish like the catalyans, basque, Bilbao do not mix easily.. Spain

What league did ranaldinho play in?

First of all, his name is spelled Ronaldinho so that might be why you had trouble finding that answer and he played in SPL which is the spanish premier league which teams like real madrid and barcelona both play in. He played for Barcelona

Did Barcelona beat real Madrid 15-1 in 1926 copa del rey?

No, this minor rumor was most likely made up by a Barcelona-fan, possibly to make it seem like Barcelona has a challenging result towards the big win from Real Madrid when they won against Barcelona with the largest El Clasico win ever, 11-1 in June 13, 1943. You can look up the results yourself. The real score in Copa Del Rey 1926 ended with a 5-1 win away on the Bernabeu for Barcelona, and a 3-0 win at home on the Camp Nou. In total, Barcelona 8-1 Real Madrid.

What does the champions league football look like for the 2010 final in Madrid?

The 2010 champion league looks very good, as we saw Rubin Kazan defeat mighty Barcelona.

Why do people like to visit Barcelona?

people like barcelona because of messi and fabregas

Why do athletico bilbao only have basque players?

They practice the Cantera policy used by many other Spanish clubs like Barcelona and Real Madrid. Bilbao are the only club left that still practice it to its entirety (although they've relaxed the rule a bit to let in players from the nearby state of Navarre). The people of Basque are intensely nationalistic and even want to secede from Spain.

Is their a way to get players to their new teams automatically on fifa09 like ronaldo to real Madrid for example?

No, you'd have to do it manually. Or buy Fifa 10.

Which team is the best American soccer team?

Barcelona because they have a lot of players like messi , David villa ,xavi , puyol Valdez and so on

Top 5 best soccer players?

This is more of an opinion question, but according to the charts It goes like this- 1. Lionel Messi. (FC Barcelona) 2. Christiono Ranaldo (Real Madrid) 3. Xavi (FC Barcelona) 4. Andres Iniesta (FC Barcelona) 5. David Silva (Manchester City) **note that these are all strikers or midfielders because the top lists are based off points and assists. There may be some defender or goalies better, but, they won't be appearing on a top list.