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Q: What players have played for Manchester city and real Madrid?
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Players that have Manchester united to Manchester city?

Dennis Law and Carlos Tevez are players that formerly played for Manchester United and moved to Manchester City

What players have left the premier league to play for real Madrid?

Beckham Adebayor-On loan to Real Madrid from Manchester City

What football teams have Sergio Aguero played for?

Sergio Aguero, on top of playing for his National Argentinian team, has played for Independiente, Atletico Madrid and Manchester City. He played for Atletico Madrid and Manchester City after his move to Europe in 2006.

Names of players who have played for Manchester City and Manchester United?

well recently carlos tevez the argentinian striker has moved to Manchester city from Manchester united but i have know infromation about players in the past

Which players have played in the Manchester derby Liverpool derby and the old firm derby?

Players that have played for Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Everton, Celtic and Rangers. Obviously.

Which players have played for both Sunderland and Manchester City?

Adam Johnson.

Which players have played for Real Madrid and in England?

There have been many players that have played for Real Madrid and ployed there trade in England aswell. I will mention a few notable players to have played for such teams ;* Laurie Cunningham [ Played for Leyton Orient, West Brom, Manchester United, Leicester City and Wimbledon ] * Davor Šuker [ Arsenal and West Ham United ]* Fernando Morientes [ Liverpool ]* Fernando Hierro [ Bolton Wanderers ] * Steve McManaman [ Manchester City and Liverpool ] * Claude Makélélé [ Chelsea ] * Michael Owen [ Liverpool and Newcastle United ] * David Beckham [ Manchester United and Preston North End ] * Jonathan Woodgate [ Leeds, Newcastle, Middlesbrough and Tottenham Hotspur ] * Ruud van Nistelrooy[ Manchester United ] This is just a list of the majoy players that have played for Real Madrid and played for league clubs in England. I'm sure that there are many more players that could be included in the list.

Which football players have played for both Manchester City and Chelsea?

Terry Phelan

Who did Manchester city buy from Real Madrid?


Who are the best Manchester city players now?

Cristiano Ronaldo was but since he has been transfered to Real Madrid it is now (in my opinion) Ryan Giggs.

Are there any players who have played for both Everton and Manchester City and if so who are they?

Peter Beardsley

Which Manchester city players have played for Celtic?

Craig bellamy is the only one i can think of

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