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Danica Patrick finished sixth in the 2010 Indianapolis 500.

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2010-08-01 02:39:37
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Q: What place did Danica Patrick finish in the 2010 Indy 500?
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How much money did Danica Patrick earn for the 2010 Indianapolis 500?

Danica Patrick earned $307,305. for her sixth place finish in the 2010 Indianapolis 500.

Is Danica Patrick racing in Daytona 500 in 2010?


Did Danica Patrick qualify for the 2010 Daytona 500?

No. She did not enter the 2010 Daytona 500.

How long has Danica Patrick driven in NASCAR?

Danica Patrick's first Nascar Nationwide Series race was on February 13, 2010. Her first Cup Series start was on February 27, 2012.

Was Danica Patrick's race car owned by Dale Earnhardt Jr?

Yes, it was. From 2010 through 2012 in the Nascar Nationwide Series, Danica Patrick drove for JR Motorsports, which is co-owned by Dale Earnhardt Jr.

When did Danica Patrick start auto racing?

Danica Patrick began racing in the IRL IndyCar Series in 2005. She also began driving ARCA and Nascar Nationwide Series races in 2010. Her first Nascar Cup Series race was the 2012 Daytona 500.

Are there any women drivers currently in Nascar?

As of 2010 Danica Patrick is in the Nationwide Series. But she is the first since 2002. Which was Shawna Robinson.

Is Danica Patrick really going to race in Nascar?

Yes, she is. In 2010, Danica started to run limited races in the ARCA and Nationwide Series. In 2013, Patrick will race full-time in the Nascar Sprint Cup Series and will also drive a limited schedule in the Nationwide Series.

How long has Danica Patrick been racing?

In 2005, Danica Patrick began racing in the IRL Indy Car Series. Her first ARCA race was on February 6, 2010 and she began to race in the Nascar Nationwide Series on February 13, 2010. Her first Nascar Cup Series race was the Daytona 500 on February 27, 2012.

Where was Danica Patrick's first race?

Danica Patrick's first races:IndyCar Series: March 6, 2005 - Homestead-Miami SpeedwayNASCAR Nationwide Series: February 13, 2010 - Daytona International SpeedwayNASCAR Sprint Cup Series: February 27, 2012 - Daytona International Speedway

What place did Patrick Chan get in the 2010 Olympics?


Where does NASCAR place in spectator sports?

Nascar has become more and more popular in recent years. Ten years ago, Nascar was still climbing but had not quite gotten there yet. Now, with Danica Patrick joining the ranks last year, 2010, popularity is soaring. She has also been included in the Press Pass Nascar collector cards for 2010.

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