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Nascar has become more and more popular in recent years. Ten years ago, Nascar was still climbing but had not quite gotten there yet. Now, with Danica Patrick joining the ranks last year, 2010, popularity is soaring. She has also been included in the Press Pass Nascar collector cards for 2010.

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Q: Where does NASCAR place in spectator sports?
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Top ten spectator sports in America?

nascar horse racing

Is Nascar one of the most watchable sports in the US?

Yes, NASCAR is the 2nd most popular spectator sport in the U.S. behind the NFL.

What are spectator sports?

Spectator sports are sports that many people find entertaining to watch.

What is Number one spectator sport in the US?

The number one spectator sport is NASCAR .

What is the number one spectator sport in US?


What are the most popular spectator sports in Canada?

Hockey is by far the most popular to watch. Followed by Baseball, Football (CFL then NFL), Curling, Golf and oddly Nascar.

What kind of Japanese spectator sports are there?

Baseball and Sumo wrestling are several spectator sports the Japanese people engage in .

Why spectator sports are good?

Spectator sports are good for one reason. The one reason it is good is because of the thrill.

Why spectator sports are not a waste of time?

Spectator sports are god for everyone because of the thrill. It gives people something to do.

When did EA Sports NASCAR Racing happen?

EA Sports NASCAR Racing happened in 2007.

When was EA Sports NASCAR Racing created?

EA Sports NASCAR Racing was created in 2007.

What is the largest US spectator sport?

NASCAR aka Auto Racing

What else could you be doing rather than watching spectator sports?

something you could do besides watch spectator sports is your mom

Why are spectator sports not a waste of time?

The spectator sports are not a waste of time because it give people something to do. This sport it is always a thrill.

Where can I find the website for the NASCAR 2009 game?

EA Sports, because EA Sports made Nascar 09.

What was the NASCAR Grand National?

Nascar ran a series of races called the Grand National. It was a precursor of what is the largest spectator sport in the US today.

Will there be a NASCAR 10?

No. EA Sports will not make a NASCAR 10 game.

What are the most spectator sports in the world?


What is the popular sports in Paris?

Spectator sports such as rugby and football (soccer for you Americans)

What spectator sports did Americans enjoy?

Americans did and still enjoy many spectator sports. Several include baseball, American football, ice hockey, golf and basketball.

Japanese most popular spectator sports?


What are the most popular spectator sports in France?


What are the most popular spectator sports in Nicaragua?


Why no NASCAR 10?

Nascar10 is not being made because EA sports is not connecting with NASCAR.

What were the two most popular spectator sports in the US in early 1900s?

The two most popular spectator sports in the U.S. in the early 1900's was Baseball and the ever popular Soccer

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