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A King in Chess may take any other piece except another King. The reason is that in order for a king to take another king, the first king would have to move adjacent to the other king, which is an illegal move.

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2009-02-10 19:36:18
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Q: What pieces can a king take?
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Can a king take another piece in chess?

Yes, the King may take other pieces.

Can your king kill other pieces?

Yes, the king can take other pieces as long as doing so does not put him in check.

Can a chess king attack if not in check?

Yes. A king can move to any square that is not attacked by the opponent. It can attack and take the opponent's pieces.

Can a king take a king when there are no other pieces on the board?

No, the game is pat (stalemate). You cannot checkmate your opponent with just a king without being checkmate yourself.

What pieces can kill a king in chess?

anything but a king

How many times is a King allowed to take?

In chess, there is no limit to how many opposition pieces can be taken by one piece - although, neither sides' King can be taken.

Can you slipt a king in checkers into 2 pieces?

yes its called a german split then when those pieces re king they can only be jumped by a re king.

Can your king kill other pieces in chess?

Yes, your king is able to capture other pieces only if they are unprotected by your opponent.

Can a king castle if there are pieces in the way?


Can you use some other pieces in chess to prevent check?

Yes, if the king is in check, the next move must take the king out of check. You do not necessarily have to move the king, you could take the attacking piece, or block the check by moving a piece in the way.

How does the king take another piece in chess?

If one of you opponents pieces is around the King by on space like up down left right or any diagonal you can go on top of it and take the other players piece!

Can you take one of your pieces in a chess game?

No - the only time you can replace a piece is when you have advanced your pawn to the end of the board and you have the option of promoting that piece to any other chessmen other than with the king itself . You may not 'take' one of your chess pieces .

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