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Oo cazz e deste minguia!

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Q: What person in what country invented soccer?
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In what country was soccer invented?

EnglandSoccer was invented in England.

Was soccer invented in England?

No I don't think it was England,the country who invented soccer was Scotland

What country invented modern soccer?


What country first written the rules of soccer?

England. The country where it was invented.

Name of person who invented soccer?

Robert Kane

What inspired the person who invented soccer?

Gill McDonald.

What continent was soccer invented in?

Europe. in the country great britain

What country is now responsible for soccer?

Football was invented by england.

What person invented soccer?

Soccer was actually invented by a group of people. There are still arguments in which some believe it was invented by the Europeans while other believe it was by the Ancient Chinese.

What was the name of the person that invented soccer?

Captain Randolph P Soccer invented soccer in 1899 as a way for his troops to unwind in between bouts of genocide during the Boer war.

Did Spain bring soccer to Mexico?

No. Soccer was invented in 1863 by Britain and by that time Mexico was already an independent country.

Who was the inventor of soccer?

I don't know the exact inventor of soccer, though what I do know, is that it was invented in England. I think it was a number of people who invented soccer and not just one person. Look at the question (on this site) Where Did Soccer Originate? I answered that question and it has more information on where it originated and the spread of soccer over the years from when it was invented. (I am not completely sure when soccer was invented though).

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