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Football was invented by england.

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Q: What country is now responsible for soccer?
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What country is responsible for soccer?

The uk

Were the first soccer rules diffent than the ones now?

yes they were because now we have a club responsible F.I.F.A

What country does Rene Higuita play soccer for?

He played for Colombia... he's retired now.

What country is soccer played in?

Soccer can be played in any country in the universe.

What does FA mean-soccer?

FA stands for Football Association. The football association is responsible for governing the game in it's particular country.

Where is soccer popular country?

Brazil is where soccer

Is any one person or country responsible for the invention of soccer?

Boys have been kicking objects for as long as there have been little boys. Ancient Roman solders played a game somewhat similar to soccer. The game as it is now played with the rules similar to the current rules and from which the current rules came was invented in England. So, the game of Soccer was invented in England.

What is the difference between soccer in the 1940s and soccer of now?

Soccer in the 1940s was Bord but now thre's more fun. "And better soccer balls".

In what country did soccer originate?

Soccer originated from England.

What country discovered soccer?

England discovered soccer

Who is the only country to have won the world cup soccer championship for times?

No one right now stands at four but Brazil are the only country with five titles.

Who is responsible for soccer in 2010?

Your question is a little confusing, but if you mean: who oversees Soccer Worldwide currently?, then the answer is FIFA.

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